Preview of What’s to Come?

The other night I had a dream that I was in E”Y and was standing outside a military checkpoint with a group of “settlers” who wanted to get to their homes in Judea and Samaria.  The guard was not Israeli, but rather was American, wearing a strange blue uniform. He told us that we could go “there” but we were responsible for our own lives, and that it was likely we’d get shot by roaming bands of Arabs.

I believe this dream is informative in that it highlights what is likely to happen under a UNilateral Declaration scenario – the Pals declare a State, which gives them the “right” to use force against any foreign enemy “invaders.”

Roaming bands of Arabs, in cahoots with the PA security forces, will launch a violent campaign against Jews living in the “new” Pal state. Thousands of Jews will be forced to flee the violence.  Those Jews who resist by force of arms will be met by US trained Pal forces with heavy weapons (heavy caliber machine guns, mortars, APC’s, etc.).

The SOI, cowered by “international opinion” that the Erev Rav mutates into “internal opinion”, will not shed Arab blood to protect the Settlers – after all, its fait accompli anyway – they will order the IDF to withdraw as in Lebanon, but it will be Jews, not Lebanese who are betrayed and left to defend themselves or flee.

By this means, i.e., Jewish flight in the face of Arab massacre, the SOI will accomplish a pullout from Judea and Samaria without having to engage in a Gush Katif type operation (which Israeli politicians know they could not pull off again).

So just before the End, the Jews are out, the Pals have a state, and the Pals did not have to make a single concession at the negotiating table. They will maintain all of their claim of Right of Return, and maintain the right to use force at their will to enforce this claim.  There will be no peace treaty, but rather a temporary armistice (such as that which exists between North and South Korea).

Once the Jews are “out”, a quasi-international/US force will be posted on the DMZ-border to piece keep. They will cynically taunt the Jews, “Sure, we’ll let you go back there, but we won’t let you go back there armed, so you’ll end up getting shot anyway.”  These are the folks I encountered in my dream.

In my dream I also had a vision of two men,  who appeared to be Judean and Samarian residents, clad in white and riding horse drawn chariots. They swooped down and around the checkpoint and into the territory. I remember being amazed by their countenance and boldness of action.

Of course, none of this is certain, just possible.  HaShem should bless and protect!


12 Responses to Preview of What’s to Come?

  1. moriah says:

    ‘In my dream I also had a vision of two men’

    Mashiach ben Yosef and mashiach ben David?

  2. chanan says:

    Meshiah ben Josef IS Meshiah ben David.
    The two charioteers are the Two Witnesses of He who is the Meshiah. They will preceed him. One is Elijah and the other is either Moses or Elisha. They will “witness” that Yeshua ha’Messhiah is the One who is coming. G-d is so merciful to send such august witnesses of His Only Begotten Son as Elijah and Moses. But they will be opposed by the Antichrist and his many followers, sell-outs, like the time of the Maccabees when the wicked leader Antiochus came to have power over Jerusalem

    • jewishendofdays says:

      If your name is Chanan and you’re really Jewish (i.e. your Mom is), let me know.

      You’d be amazed at what the authentic Jewish sources have to say about all this. It will place your current Christian beliefs into an entirely different context.

      My gut is you’ve had very little exposure to these sources – understandable – Until I was 29, I knew NOTHING about what the Jews really had to say about all this.

  3. cw says:

    Most chilling. I fear your in the Ballpark with your dream.

  4. Shiloh says:

    There is no need for violence. They will starve them out. If the Jews living in the declared state need to go to work, need to purchase anything from Israel, the border guards simply won’t let them in. This way the world will turn a blind eye. If the baboons on the other hand start a guerilla war against us, the world won’t stand for that. Either way, Israel is in a bunch of trouble.

  5. Marcella says:

    There is only one option: Annexation.

    I know people are ambivalent because the land comes with too many Arabs. But if Israel manages the situation wisely, by offering citizenship to Arabs based on individual – not mass – applications, demanding a clean police record, allegiance to the Jewish state, and maybe additional conditions, the number of new citizens would not be too large. Arabs themselves may refuse citizenship altogether.

    The offer of citizenship is a must, due to international law considerations, and to avoid UN invasion.

    We must keep in mind that even in a TWO STATES situation Israel will have to tighten up certain laws due to Arab natural growth, such as family benefits and illegal housing. And it will have to set up a program to assist Arabs who wish to emigrate abroad.

    In case of annexation, these measures would have to be applied with even more urgency. But you would have the land. That’s the big difference.

    A larger Israel would boost Aliyah.

    Two States, with the instability and terror that are sure to follow, plus the upheaval in housing availability and high prices, many Israelis may simply pack up and leave.

    So Annexation, with all its problems, is still the better choice.

    ONE IMPORTANT POINT: Your PM may already have decided to allow PA independence to happen. Israelis absolutely must pressure the MKs to pressure the PM to annex the land. MK Hotovely had a plan for annexation. You may wish to talk to her.

  6. Shiloh says:

    You are correct. The minute they get the invented state for the invented people they will celebrate it by killing Jews.

    Had you seen the list of where Jews are not going to be allowed to build? Including Har Homa, and Gilo. It seems to me that the Bibi gov’t has already cut a deal. We have been trying to rent an apt in those areas and nothing works. hmmmm

  7. Daniel says:

    If you take the letters that spell Tishah Be’av and rearrange them, you get an exact spelling of ” Bet Hay Tav Shin Ayin Alef-Bet” (In 5771-5772). Could this be a hidden code?

  8. txheart1973 says:

    Do not believe the U.S. media, they do not speak for all Americans! There are more than you know who are willing to fight and die to protect our brothers and sisters in Israel, but you won’t hear that in the false prophet media!

  9. Dov Bar-Leib says:

    I am also writing a blog about this. It is definitely set to happen this August. If the foreign troops also immediately start expelling Jews from their homes in East Jerusalem, the entire process until the War between Persia and the West should take about nine months, the period of pregnency and birth. It will be excruciating for that period of time, but it is far better than the continuation of this exile for ten more years with another intafada looming. Let us just get it over and done with. I am sure that the nations that come up against Jerusalem wil be duly punished while they are doing it. They will ignore the plagues visited upon them until the nuclear war with Persia.

    I will be among the 500,000 refugees that will be forced to live in Sukkot for this nine month period. If this is what finally brings Mashiach, Mah la’asot (What can we do to prevent this)? It appears to be b’itah all the way.

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