Israel Fighting Our War

November 30, 2010

A must read article – this person must be a great among righteous gentiles to comment on the the Mideast conflict with such clarity and precision.

HaShem should protect him.


12 Stitches – 12 Tribes

November 28, 2010

PBO is hit is elbowed in the mouth during a basketball game and receives 12 stitches .

This is clearly a message to him, as are all “random” accidents that strike the body.

But what is the message?

Perhaps PBO was struck in the mouth, the expressor of his will, because his mouth is causing the Jewish people harm (see previous post).

The 12 stitches may hint to the 12 tribes of Israel – if PBO relents on his campaign and supports rather than endangers Yishuv E”Y, his wound will be healed as those who bless the Jewish people shall be blessed.

Hopefully, he will get the message. As R. Chaim Kanievsky purportedly said upon PBO’s election, “He is like Herod. He caused great suffering for the Jewish people but ultimately built up the 2nd Temple.”

Israel’s Lonely Position

November 24, 2010

AP writes this morning that Israel is isolating itself by claiming the right to build and live in all of Jerusalem.

Interestingly, the article presents an accurate yet amazing event line:

In past peace talks, Palestinians quietly acknowledged these neighborhoods would remain part of Israel under a final accord. The Oslo peace process of the 1990s went ahead while Israel built freely in east Jerusalem.

But the east Jerusalem neighborhoods have become increasingly contentious since the Obama administration put a spotlight on settlement construction and called for a full halt after taking office.

Palestinians have since demanded the freeze as a condition for talks, a position that lies at the heart of the current impasse.

We plainly see from this article that, in fact, it was PBO who initiated taking Jerusalem away from the Jews. It was he who called for the construction halt. Only after his decree did the Pals make it do or die for themselves.

I fear for Jews and righteous gentiles living in America when the time of vengeance arrives.

The North/South Korea situation shows just how vulnerable the world is to a sudden breakout of WW III (in any number of ways), which will be the methodology by which punishment and change is manifest in the world.


Many In The Land Are Worthy

November 23, 2010

The Land Is Very, Very Good.

I just returned from E”Y yesterday. And not a single post for the two weeks I was there.

In reflection, I think its because I just didn’t read the news and didn’t have time to write about what I was experiencing.  Its as if when a person is outside the land, reading and thinking about news about E”Y becomes a means of connecting to the land and its people.

And so, here I sit again to write. . .

Some Important Things I learned on this trip

  • E”Y is the King’s Palace – A person must have great reverence for where one is standing when they are in the Land. Especially important is the need to learn Torah when in the land. To be in the land without learning Torah is to be uncovered and naked.
  • To do a Mitzvah because its a Mitzva – While it is true, for example, that giving charity is “right” and “good”, ultimately, it is only right and good because its a Mitzvah, the King’s command. The only truth is that a Mitzvah is G-d’s will and command, and as such we do it.
  • There is Less Gravity in E”Y – America has more anti-spiritual gravity than in E”Y. America is like Jupiter, E”Y is like Earth. People who persevere and strive religiously in America are building very strong spiritual muscles.  When they hit the land in E”Y they can take off. But over time the lower gravity in E”Y can cause spiritual muscles to weaken and atrophy without knowing it. To continue striving in E”Y, a person must constantly make extra efforts in Torah learning, Mitzvah observance, and Tshuva in order to maintain and build muscle tone. Only then can a person continually elevate and benefit from of the E”Y’s lower anti-spiritual gravity.
  • E”Y Needs A King – Yishuv E”Y faces extremely complex internal and external problems. Only a trustworthy, righteous, and undisputed King can resolve these problems and heal the Yishuv.
  • Many In The Land Are Worthy – residing in the Land is a great merit. I believe I was shown that, in fact, many in the land currently merit to receive the face of the Divine Presence. This is good news for the Jews living in E”Y.

Thank you HaShem for giving me the opportunity to return to the Land again in my lifetime. And thank you to all my old and new friends for your tremendous hospitality and graciousness.

I pray we should all continue to have the merit of spending more time in E”Y, together with all the Jewish people who, today and tomorrow, love HaShem, his Torah, and his Land.

Tremendous Zcut

November 9, 2010

B”H, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to E”Y again. I am now waiting to board my connecting flight.

Please, all of my friends and readers, please pray for me that I should have a safe trip and have much clarity, blessing, and success.

Hopefully, this trip will be another step towards re-settling my entire family in the Holy Land, and towards meriting to be “on location” to greet Moshiach, soon, in our days, may it be His will.

Predicting the Weather

November 7, 2010

Pirkei Avot, the ancient Jewish “Chapters of our Fathers” states, “Who is a wise man? He who sees what will be born.”

Some commentators understand this to mean that a wise man is a person who gathers available historical and real-time information, sifts and analyzes it, and based on this analysis predicts a likely future course of events and course of action based thereon.

Thus, in a sense, a wise man is much like a weatherman, who analyzes historic and real-time data  to predict future weather events.

So too, we “End of Days” prognosticators are eschatological weathermen. And like meteorological weatherman, our predictions can shift, change, and be dead wrong!

Shifting Edom v. Paras Event Line

In previous posts I’ve posited that the battle of Edom (West/America) and Paras (Iran) will take place before the establishment of a Pal State in Judea and Samaria.  The thought was that after the threat of Paras is eliminated, the Nations would come down hard on the SOI, arguing that “there is no Iranian threat to fear, and therefore, make Peace . .  (fiendish laughter with outstretched claws)”

Now, I am leaning towards a different event line, which, G-d willing, will ultimately provide the greatest consolation to the Jewish people.

Recently, I’ve written about the coming Exile of Our Time, the coming UN-establishment of a Pal State in Judea and Samaria. I now believe that this event may happen before and/or concurrent with a Edom-Paras war.

Purpose of Edom v. Paras?

The Holy Zohar teaches that nations who act evilly have a preset time for their downfall which gives them ample time to repent and avoid destruction.  If the nations do not repent by that time, the downfall occurs. However, if the nations gather together to harm the Jewish people, their downfall occurs before the preset time. (E.g. Mitzraim’s preset downfall was 400 years, but their actions against the Jewish people caused their downfall after only 210 years).

Applied to current events, the Nations gathering against the Jewish people and splitting of E”Y will trigger their downfall before the preset time of 6000 years. The instrument of their downfall and their very punishment itself will be the horrific Third World War of Edom v. Paras. (HaShem should protect us).

This is in line with what the holy Sage the Chofetz Chaim said about the final third installment of the war of Gog and Magog – Hashem will punish the Nations by confusing them to do battle against one another and the nations will chicken-scratch each other to death, with a holy remnant of the Jewish people remaining.

War and Salvation

A nasty, likely nuclear, Edom-Paras war is coming – PBO has every interest in making it happen.  An American led war will appease the Saudis, and the Republicans. It will be PBO’s best bet for winning in 2012.

But have no fear (or at least try our best not to) – The first blessing, the blessing of light before Shema reads, “. . .He creates new things, He is the master of wars, He makes salvation sprout.”

New creations in the world manifest through war; it is the way of the world. G-d willing, the purpose of the Edom-Paras is to finally and forever “break the shells” of the Nations so that our salvation can sprout, and true prophetic leadership can fully and finally be restored to the Jewish people and the world.

No Illusions

November 3, 2010

Democrats suffer a crushing defeat in US elections. Does a Republican landslide victory help the SOI?

Likely not.

The only area over which PBO now exerts full, unanswerable control is foreign policy and its US executive branch agencies, the State Department and the UN ambassadorship.

More likely that not is that post-election PBO will now fully remove any pre-election pretense of civility and good faith, and forcefully push the Arab agenda in the Middle East.

After all, PBO sees the writing on the wall – he likely doesn’t have a chance in 2012, so now is the time to pad his nest by ensuring his father Yishmael is satisfied – there are big $$$ and honor from billions of Muslims when he leaves office if he pursues his course to Split E”Y.

A caged animal, even a small rat, is dangerous and vicious.