No Illusions

Democrats suffer a crushing defeat in US elections. Does a Republican landslide victory help the SOI?

Likely not.

The only area over which PBO now exerts full, unanswerable control is foreign policy and its US executive branch agencies, the State Department and the UN ambassadorship.

More likely that not is that post-election PBO will now fully remove any pre-election pretense of civility and good faith, and forcefully push the Arab agenda in the Middle East.

After all, PBO sees the writing on the wall – he likely doesn’t have a chance in 2012, so now is the time to pad his nest by ensuring his father Yishmael is satisfied – there are big $$$ and honor from billions of Muslims when he leaves office if he pursues his course to Split E”Y.

A caged animal, even a small rat, is dangerous and vicious.


10 Responses to No Illusions

  1. devorah says:

    He’s a wounded caged animal now.
    What does a narcissist do when people turn against him?
    I think the answer is not something we want to hear.

  2. moriah says:

    America opposes Obama. But what difference does that make to him? he does not consider himself an American but a citizen of the world as he stated to the German people in Berlin. He will continue his effort to strip our freedoms from us like a swarm of locusts strip the wheat from the stalk. His natural allegiances are in the enemy camp and would be even if Republican’s won across the board last night. He will become more dangerous and Machiavellian than ever.

  3. Daniel says:

    Here’s a stunning and scary observation that I’ve made. I have never made any conspiracy theories before and I am not making any conclusions, but when something is this coincidental, you really have to wonder.
    August 4, 1961 is PBO’s birthday. We know he was born to unusual parents, a black male white female couple, which was especially rare back then. It was even illegal in many states before 1967. This may seem insignificant, but something highly unusual happened less than 7 weeks after Obama was born, on the night of September 19 ,1961. And it happened to involve a matching married couple of Obama’s parents. Remember, these type of couples were very rare back then, so this timing is significant. I am referring to the Betty and Barney Hill abduction case. The Hills were driving home at night on Sep. 19 when they saw a UFO that was following them. They couldn’t remember anything that happened after but realized that two hours had simply vanished. It was only through hypnosis later on that they could recall being taken aboard and undergoing strange bodily examinations. This is the only abduction case I know of that involves a married couple being abducted together, and “coincidentally”, it happened to be an exact matching couple of Obama’s parents and just 47 days after his birthday! Isn’t this timing suspicious? Again, these type of couples were extremely rare, making it all the more coincidental. The night when this happened was also no ordinary night. Sep. 19 1961 after sunset happened to be Yom kippur night. You can check on a date converter. Could there be a reason why these strange entities would chose such a holy day to carry out their mysterious plans? Isn’t all of this very strange timing? Could Obama somehow be mysteriously linked to the agenda of these demonic creatures? This video summarizes the whole thing well:
    Also, Betty Hill died on October 2004, just a few weeks before Obama began his rise to national power by being elected Senator, which was his stepping stone to the presidency. Also, this whole episode happened 47 days after Obama’s birthday, and Obama was elected president at age 47. He clearly rose to power in the most unusual way. I can’t say for sure that Obama is secretly connected to the Hill abduction, but is it not true that there is no such thing as a coincidence? I don’t think it gets more coincidental than this.

  4. moriah says:

    4=7=11 …isn’t that the Gematria of shuv?

  5. moriah says:

    I watched the video…Sorry to say I’m doubtful about all of it..

  6. Daniel says:

    I think it’s hard to be skeptical with this particular case. What would be in it for them to make it all up? The coincidental timing alone is suspicious.

  7. moriah says:

    Okay, I agree there are no coincidences. Who are the abductors?

  8. Daniel says:

    I can’t say for sure. It looks like they could be demons. They appear to have demonic characteristics.

  9. moriah says:

    Do demons mess with humans by doing things like turning electrical things on and off?

  10. daniel says:

    I don’t know, but whoever they are and whatever they’re doing can’t be good. No one would be terrified or traumatized from such experiences if it was something positive. What really mind boggles me are the coincidences that I wrote above. I know it may seem crazy, but can something that coincidental really just be a coincidence?

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