Tremendous Zcut

B”H, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to E”Y again. I am now waiting to board my connecting flight.

Please, all of my friends and readers, please pray for me that I should have a safe trip and have much clarity, blessing, and success.

Hopefully, this trip will be another step towards re-settling my entire family in the Holy Land, and towards meriting to be “on location” to greet Moshiach, soon, in our days, may it be His will.


6 Responses to Tremendous Zcut

  1. marie says:

    Amen. My prayers are with you and yours..and please keep us posted đŸ™‚

    G-d bless.

  2. Gershon says:

    May your visit be productive. Travel safe, I am will praying for you.

  3. Sarah says:

    May your aliyah be permanent. Not all Jews get to remain permanently after making aliyah. Sometimes the circumstances force the Yidden to make a yeridah after an aliyah.

  4. jjstar says:

    Have a safe trip – may you merit to receive all blessings and abundance with goodness, ease and happiness.

  5. Shiloh says:

    His will, or God willing is usually a way that when someone gives their word, they don’t have to keep is as “it was not God’s will” but in reality the person has no intention or has an escape for a vow. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. I truly don’t think you would like the Mashiach anyway, no need to be here for that.

  6. Pini says:

    B”H, when you get here may you want to stay and send for the rest of the family. We did it with not much planning and we thank HaShem He is taking care of us. When you know what is right and what you should do or be doing, you need to do it, just do it already. I talk with many Israelis about Jews making Aliyah and they say come Home already. May you be here to stay, B”H. Shabbat Shalom

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