Many In The Land Are Worthy

The Land Is Very, Very Good.

I just returned from E”Y yesterday. And not a single post for the two weeks I was there.

In reflection, I think its because I just didn’t read the news and didn’t have time to write about what I was experiencing.  Its as if when a person is outside the land, reading and thinking about news about E”Y becomes a means of connecting to the land and its people.

And so, here I sit again to write. . .

Some Important Things I learned on this trip

  • E”Y is the King’s Palace – A person must have great reverence for where one is standing when they are in the Land. Especially important is the need to learn Torah when in the land. To be in the land without learning Torah is to be uncovered and naked.
  • To do a Mitzvah because its a Mitzva – While it is true, for example, that giving charity is “right” and “good”, ultimately, it is only right and good because its a Mitzvah, the King’s command. The only truth is that a Mitzvah is G-d’s will and command, and as such we do it.
  • There is Less Gravity in E”Y – America has more anti-spiritual gravity than in E”Y. America is like Jupiter, E”Y is like Earth. People who persevere and strive religiously in America are building very strong spiritual muscles.  When they hit the land in E”Y they can take off. But over time the lower gravity in E”Y can cause spiritual muscles to weaken and atrophy without knowing it. To continue striving in E”Y, a person must constantly make extra efforts in Torah learning, Mitzvah observance, and Tshuva in order to maintain and build muscle tone. Only then can a person continually elevate and benefit from of the E”Y’s lower anti-spiritual gravity.
  • E”Y Needs A King – Yishuv E”Y faces extremely complex internal and external problems. Only a trustworthy, righteous, and undisputed King can resolve these problems and heal the Yishuv.
  • Many In The Land Are Worthy – residing in the Land is a great merit. I believe I was shown that, in fact, many in the land currently merit to receive the face of the Divine Presence. This is good news for the Jews living in E”Y.

Thank you HaShem for giving me the opportunity to return to the Land again in my lifetime. And thank you to all my old and new friends for your tremendous hospitality and graciousness.

I pray we should all continue to have the merit of spending more time in E”Y, together with all the Jewish people who, today and tomorrow, love HaShem, his Torah, and his Land.


8 Responses to Many In The Land Are Worthy

  1. Chaim Zev says:

    why don’t you just stay here in E”Y?

  2. moriah says:

    Thank you HaShem for giving me the opportunity to return to the Land again in my lifetime.

    You’ll be going back…

  3. Shiloh says:

    People talk about how they want to be here, but in reality it’s all talk. When we came back, we gave it to haShem and in 2 weeks our flight was booked. A month total it took sell the house, car, furnishings etc. But you have to sacrifice and really want it. We wanted it, I set a date and haShem did the rest.

    I must respectfully disagree with your analysis of Israel. Reverence for the land as long as it does not become an idol within itself. I have seen those who learn Torah all day and they don’t live Torah, they are so wrapped up in the commentaries they forget that they are not supposed to steal for example.

    Mitzvot from haShem yes, from the written Torah will help. Otherwise it’s spilling the seed.

    I obviously disagree with your derech of religiousity reasoning as we have discussed in breif. One must do his or her utmost to live by the Torah and not religion.

    An undisputed King, right, like we can agree on anything. Your version of a King may not exactly match that of haShem’s version. Sadly we won’t listen to haShem (nothing new under the sun), we prefer the opinions of the Rambam, Rashi, the Talmud etc. Actually the religious are going to have a real difficult time of this matter.

    Many in the land do merit the divine presense, they are certainly NOT from the religious circles that you hover. There are without a doubt some, but there are many Israeli traditional and secular appearing Jews who also do. The religious don’t hold the monopoly by any means when it come to a connection to haShem. A simple Jew who has emunah and does their utmost to live by the Torah from Moshe (written Torah) is a perfect example of how to obtain that connection.

    We don’t want the land, this is why we don’t have rain here. Also the behaviour of the majority of Jews here is chillul haShem. There is the exception to both, but it’s a minority that cannot currently tip the scales. Since we don’t have any way of tipping those scales we can only turn to our Father and in His mercy will do it for us. That’s our only hope. Since it won’t happen, the Tanach gives us the answer “To save His great name will he do this.”

    Don’t forget bli nedder next time.

    • jewishendofdays says:

      If I understand you correctly, you do not believe in Torah she’bal Peh?

      • Shiloh says:

        I certainly know it’s not from Moshe. I also know of area’s of redactions during the time of Rashi that I know you would have trouble accepting if you knew what they where. If you would like to go through the arguments publically, go for it. Am I oppossed to commentaries, absoulutly not. Does the Talmud have much to offer, in many cases absoulutly. It’s just not the Torah and men do error, they redact because of preasure (reasons understood). Sorry, not a follower of men. Ah, and you thought we would be friends. Don’t forget what the Rambam said about Jews like me. Are you going to pull the lever? I care for all Jews, whether they are idoloters of men, have strayed from the Torah or have a different opinion. Can you do the same? Isn’t it all about love? Gotta ya!

        I remember in one of your posts, explaining that why the 2nd Temple was destroyed. Your conclusion was that we failed to see we may be wrong. Hmmm, how history repeats itself. What is to come, has already been. Can we learn from it? I certainly don’t think so.

        Do you possibly find it hard that haShem does miracles daily for a Jew who does not believe the Talmud is from Moshe? We are so far gone, as we discussed on the phone while you where here. You said look from outside the box, I have for many years now. I understand why we have strayed, but many don’t want to know the reasons. You claimed the secular get it of what’s about to happen. I too get it, but most find it uncomfortable.

        Last Purim we had in Israel a special rain. There was a strange blue lightening that occured and the rabbi’s started to talk. They claimed that the m person was in town. Ok, what’s the meaning? The Erev Rav have such a stranglehold on us, we cannot see the forest for the trees. Can you truly think outside the box? Time will tell.

        Many years ago I was writting to a freind in Israel (I was in the States at the time). I was showing the person where the shulchan aruch strayed from the Torah and how the motives where to protect ones money (g-d). I knew at the time some rabbi’s where monitoring my emails as I had been speaking of subjects that first of all I should not have known about and secondly it was transmitted orally. It freaked them out. Anyway, after that letter, a Chabad Rabbi called me in to discuss it. He told me that I need to remember that ‘they’ have the authority over the Torah and “stop being a smartass”. Right then I knew I was on track and was very careful to play the game. Like when you put on the polish goyim outfit, same thing.

        As Judaism teaches, as we are further away from the time that Moshe received the Torah, we too are that much further away also. We have had 7 years of drought here, we are on the verge of loosing all the Biblical parts of the Land. You must ask why. The answers are very very hard to digest. Few can see it. I am not the only one with this opinion.

        You must do as you think is correct. I prefer not to follow the majority to evil.

      • jewishendofdays says:

        Have you at any point in your life been observant of what the majority today calls “Torah she’bal Peh” (as put forth by the Rambam or later halahkic decisors)?

  4. Shiloh says:

    Absoulutly, normative Judaism as we would know. I don’t have a problem with the system as per say. I have a problem with how far away from the Torah it’s become in many ways. The blessing is that it has kept us alive, the sword is that it is causing us today problems. If the rabbi’s would put their ego’s in a sock and just make some minor adjustments (major in their eyes), we could stear the ship back to where we need. I beleive as when you and I spoke, it’s finished.

    We can learn from others, though I don’t follow the Karaite movement, they do have some truth to what they say. The ‘reform’ movement had some good idea’s but it went way to far to the wrong side. It’s easy to legislate, its difficult to justify it. I think that we need to clean house and correct it within legitimate Orthodoxy (the rest in my opinion are irrelevant). Not start another branch. If the rabbi’s cleaned house, or we cleaned it for them, more Jews would love to live via the Torah. Not only them, but many goyim would love to live by it also, and not the 7 laws of Noach that the followers of the historical Jew from 2000 years ago started in order to have them pure enough to learn Torah. We are to be the light, not like the Erev rav to keep it to ourselves.

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