Israel’s Lonely Position

AP writes this morning that Israel is isolating itself by claiming the right to build and live in all of Jerusalem.

Interestingly, the article presents an accurate yet amazing event line:

In past peace talks, Palestinians quietly acknowledged these neighborhoods would remain part of Israel under a final accord. The Oslo peace process of the 1990s went ahead while Israel built freely in east Jerusalem.

But the east Jerusalem neighborhoods have become increasingly contentious since the Obama administration put a spotlight on settlement construction and called for a full halt after taking office.

Palestinians have since demanded the freeze as a condition for talks, a position that lies at the heart of the current impasse.

We plainly see from this article that, in fact, it was PBO who initiated taking Jerusalem away from the Jews. It was he who called for the construction halt. Only after his decree did the Pals make it do or die for themselves.

I fear for Jews and righteous gentiles living in America when the time of vengeance arrives.

The North/South Korea situation shows just how vulnerable the world is to a sudden breakout of WW III (in any number of ways), which will be the methodology by which punishment and change is manifest in the world.



3 Responses to Israel’s Lonely Position

  1. moriah says:

    I too, am worried about obamas reckless actions. If America continues on the path it is on – forget about the danger that it holds for Israel for a moment – America will be sucked down the drain like all of Europe is at this very moment! Divine retribution isn’t something that only happened to Jews thousands of years ago. America will become a smoldering heap – literally if its blessing of Israel turns to a curse.

  2. Theresa says:

    i used to worry alot about everything, about my sons, family and the situation where i live in asia.
    but after Hashem brought me via the net to His firstborn and i started my studies almost 16 years ago, all i can say, is what i have studied. Everything is from Hashem and it is good. always good. Hashem Rules the univese. obama is just a pawn He is using.

  3. moriah says:

    Theresa’s right. We should be joyful that prophesy is unfolding while we are alive to see it..Thank G-d.

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