12 Stitches – 12 Tribes

PBO is hit is elbowed in the mouth during a basketball game and receives 12 stitches .

This is clearly a message to him, as are all “random” accidents that strike the body.

But what is the message?

Perhaps PBO was struck in the mouth, the expressor of his will, because his mouth is causing the Jewish people harm (see previous post).

The 12 stitches may hint to the 12 tribes of Israel – if PBO relents on his campaign and supports rather than endangers Yishuv E”Y, his wound will be healed as those who bless the Jewish people shall be blessed.

Hopefully, he will get the message. As R. Chaim Kanievsky purportedly said upon PBO’s election, “He is like Herod. He caused great suffering for the Jewish people but ultimately built up the 2nd Temple.”


5 Responses to 12 Stitches – 12 Tribes

  1. Daniel says:

    12 = GOG. Obama is encoded in Ezekiel 38:2-3.

  2. Gina says:

    Let’s hope he isn’t the one who forces Israel to sign a peace treaty.

  3. moriah says:

    And his (and America’s)destiny if he endangers Yishuv E”Y?

  4. Shevey says:

    It hints at this; Hashem says, “Esav, when you open your lying mouth to steal from Yaakov his inheritance that I have given him and his descendants- then I will take from you your portion; RIGHT NOW.”

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