Floating Baloons

December 21, 2010

Several Israeli ministers floated the first “unilateral pullout from Judea and Samaria” trial balloons today.

These trial balloons are meant to seed the idea in the Israeli populace – over time it will likely germinate into “reasonability”

Woe to us! Like a dog that returns to its vomit.

We continue to head towards the Exile of Our Time.




First Tourist Murder Since 1990’s

December 19, 2010

Armerican tourist Christine Logan murdered in cold blood by Arabs while hiking in the Judean hills outside Beit Shemesh.

This is a tragedy, but one without some import . . .

It turns out, the surviving hiking partner, Kay Wilson, is a tour guide who works for Shoresh Tours, a Messianic tour company. She escaped death by faking death after being stabbed. (A logical inference is that Ms. Logan was likewise a messianic).

Shoresh Tours is a division of CMJ Ministries, a British Messianic group operating in Israel.

From their website . . .

Join a Shoresh Study Tour and be introduced both to God’s heart for the spiritual rebirth of the Jewish people and to the living body of Messiah in Israel, composed of Jews, Arabs and others. We hope that having experienced what the God of Israel is doing in the Land today, you’ll take home a deeper understanding of Messiah and a vision for the salvation of Israel, and will add your prayers to that end.

Those with understanding, understand. . . . Possibly.

Declaration of State

December 8, 2010

That the Pals will declare a State finally gains currency in the mainstream media.

Do not despair. This is a good thing.

We will not have to face the prosecuting act of Jews signing off on a “peace treaty” relinquishing the Temple Mount, but rather the Nations will take it by force.

This is all a set up so that the Nations finally and forever lose all of their merit, so that the final stage of the redemption can occur.

Israel Will Take Care Of Itself

December 1, 2010

This morning I awoke from a dream where I was spending time with PBO and a group of his closest advisors.

Once I got the impression that I was “in” with PBO, I asked him how it is that he is putting Israel in a place where they are in great danger, and that he knows the Arabs are not looking for peace but rather to destroy Israel.

He replied shortly, “Israel will take care of itself.”

I think this dream shows/implicates two things:

(1) At one level, that PBO flippantly sees Israel as an “independent” actor who will take care of itself, no matter what moves the US makes, even if the US acts flagrantly against Israel’s interests and puts them in a strategically dangerous position. On a natural level, Yishuv E”Y’s survival “independent” of the US seems impossible. Hence, PBO is acting evilly at the natural level and he and America will be judged accordingly; and

(2) Beyond the natural level, PBO is right that Israel will take care of itself. Just as even secular Israelis joined the relgious in praying for rain, so too all good Jews will ultmately turn to HaShem together when they realize that the Yishuv is totally on its own and cannot rely on America at all;

Yishuv E”Y needs to anticipate no support from America with all that this implies: Yishuv E”Y must engage in maximum hishtadlut for self preservation under the operating presumtion that it will receive no American support, and more likely, American opposition.

The Yishuv (and Jews everywhere) must beseech HaShem for divine blessing, guidance, and protection in our time of great need.