Israel Will Take Care Of Itself

This morning I awoke from a dream where I was spending time with PBO and a group of his closest advisors.

Once I got the impression that I was “in” with PBO, I asked him how it is that he is putting Israel in a place where they are in great danger, and that he knows the Arabs are not looking for peace but rather to destroy Israel.

He replied shortly, “Israel will take care of itself.”

I think this dream shows/implicates two things:

(1) At one level, that PBO flippantly sees Israel as an “independent” actor who will take care of itself, no matter what moves the US makes, even if the US acts flagrantly against Israel’s interests and puts them in a strategically dangerous position. On a natural level, Yishuv E”Y’s survival “independent” of the US seems impossible. Hence, PBO is acting evilly at the natural level and he and America will be judged accordingly; and

(2) Beyond the natural level, PBO is right that Israel will take care of itself. Just as even secular Israelis joined the relgious in praying for rain, so too all good Jews will ultmately turn to HaShem together when they realize that the Yishuv is totally on its own and cannot rely on America at all;

Yishuv E”Y needs to anticipate no support from America with all that this implies: Yishuv E”Y must engage in maximum hishtadlut for self preservation under the operating presumtion that it will receive no American support, and more likely, American opposition.

The Yishuv (and Jews everywhere) must beseech HaShem for divine blessing, guidance, and protection in our time of great need.



3 Responses to Israel Will Take Care Of Itself

  1. moriah says:

    Israel has been weak and looking over her shoulder for approval from the US. This is because she feels beholden to America for the aid she receives. In my humble opinion, the US should not give a penny more to Israel. It would be better of course if Israel stated: “we don’t want or need your help.” This would please Hashem.

    • Jo-Anne Cohrs says:

      The answer is to trust Him with all your heart – G-d will not forsake you. Do not be in a position to ‘owe’ any country anything and accept gentiles help who also trust in Him. Don’t gather up idols from other countries, be wise and concerned about Europe, Turkey, China and those that are double faced; G-d is far from them. Your strength comes from your Creator, Trust Him alone.

  2. Alex says:

    Do you think today’s devasting fires are part of this?

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