Declaration of State

That the Pals will declare a State finally gains currency in the mainstream media.

Do not despair. This is a good thing.

We will not have to face the prosecuting act of Jews signing off on a “peace treaty” relinquishing the Temple Mount, but rather the Nations will take it by force.

This is all a set up so that the Nations finally and forever lose all of their merit, so that the final stage of the redemption can occur.


3 Responses to Declaration of State

  1. Michal says:

    Avec an additional observation on my part; I think this is true. We should not do anything except begin to push our borders back to where they really should be. I think it is time. We will all know it 100% for certain soon.
    My additional observation is based on a comment of one of these Isreali new sites. Someone said,” Hashem will take back Esavs’ portion if he attempts to steal again from Yaakov.” I think if you watch the border wars America is having with Mexico; you will see they are losing control of a big portion of their nations. As Edom disintergrates into Race Wars, Civil War and Chaos with all the dissidents who live in Edom and hate her; and she will fall. Esav inheritance is past. Now the house of Yaakov will rise. I am encouraged by my many friends, who are not Jewish; but ARE EATING KOSHER and have been doing this strangely for almost a year. They can afford it, and do not trust the food supply in America. They ask a LOT of questions! It is the beginning of the nations following after the holiness of Israels’ timeless laws. This has to be a good sign.

  2. naftules says:

    true that… well put man.

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