First Tourist Murder Since 1990’s

Armerican tourist Christine Logan murdered in cold blood by Arabs while hiking in the Judean hills outside Beit Shemesh.

This is a tragedy, but one without some import . . .

It turns out, the surviving hiking partner, Kay Wilson, is a tour guide who works for Shoresh Tours, a Messianic tour company. She escaped death by faking death after being stabbed. (A logical inference is that Ms. Logan was likewise a messianic).

Shoresh Tours is a division of CMJ Ministries, a British Messianic group operating in Israel.

From their website . . .

Join a Shoresh Study Tour and be introduced both to God’s heart for the spiritual rebirth of the Jewish people and to the living body of Messiah in Israel, composed of Jews, Arabs and others. We hope that having experienced what the God of Israel is doing in the Land today, you’ll take home a deeper understanding of Messiah and a vision for the salvation of Israel, and will add your prayers to that end.

Those with understanding, understand. . . . Possibly.


10 Responses to First Tourist Murder Since 1990’s

  1. flameofjudah says:

    I wonder if they were proselytizing to the Arabs?

  2. Sharona says:

    I think this is despicable! UNDERSTAND WHAT?? It is people like you that turn away “chilonim” more than “Messianics” with your deceptive tactics & all the energy you put into demonizing them. I have Messianic friends & they are some of the best people around, serve in the army-die for Eretz Israel! Furthermore, go to Yad Va Shem-all the Messianics were killed in the Holocause & refused to convert to Catholicism! Maybe you’d be better off spending your time learning to love mercy & justice, as your Torah would advise!

    • jewishendofdays says:

      My intention was NOT that people infer these people were “punished” because they are actively propagating Messianic beliefs in Israel. After all, many Jews living in E”Y are also killed by Arabs. Nobody can say for certain why G-d wishes any person to suffer.

      The point I wanted to make (i.e., “understand”) is that this group of people visualizes an E”Y where all humanity, Jew, or ARAB, has right and title to the land, by virtue of their membership of the Christian faith. To Messianics, the Christian faith has supplanted Judaisim – even if your friends are wonderful people, which I’m sure they are, you can’t gloss over the fact that they believe the Jews who do not believe in JC are destined for eternal damnation.

      Tragically, these ladies, and those of their Messianic ilk, were taught a very hard and sad lesson, bold and clear, that the Arabs are not folks to whom “another cheek” can or should be turned, but rather they are a people who contain in their midst a violent and savage enemy who seeks to destroy the Jewish people.

      My apologies if I offended you or that if I seemed too presumptive in my views. But you must admit that nothing happens accidentally; whether that is what G-d intended one can never prove, but there is an acceptable context and format for understanding the events which unfold in our world.

      As far as the Torah and being merciful – the merciful thing would be for the Messianics to cease and desist from attempting to convert Israelis who have little or know knowledge of Judaism. After all, what they are doing, according to Torah, is engaging in nothing less than attempted spiritual murder.

      Please let me know, Sharona, if you at least read this reply. I appreciate your taking the time to read the article.

      • Shiloh says:

        What would be merciful is if Jews and xtians learn who the actual historical Jew really was and what his teachings where. The highly corrupted NT and the redacted Talmud do an injustice to a Torah observant Jew which is contrary to Torah and halachot. He was a full Torah observant Jew who has nothing to do with the teachings of the roman counterfeit idol image named J-sus. Then all this religious conversions would cease immediatly. Both Jew and non Jew would do their best to live by the Torah of Moshe. But sadly both sides are completely ignorant to who he was and his accurate teachings. We can thank Esav for the lies and we can thank the rabbi’s for cutting ties to the most influential Jew in history because of the murderous goyim and appostates. Learn your history if you have the courage, but most are afraid of what they will see as both sides are wrong.

        Before you begin ad hominem slander of me, you better be ready to slander some of our great rabbi’s of our day who know exactly what I am aware of this Jew from the past. They just won’t speak publically for fear of loosing thier sheeple. I fear haShem, not sheeple.

      • jewishendofdays says:

        Shiloh, are you familiar with the Talmedei haRambam?

  3. moriah says:

    Our peace partners are brutal murderers and I can’t imagine what horror the victim suffered at their hands. Baruch Dayan Emet.

    ALL of that being said, it is against the law in Israel to proselytize Jews. In my opinion they should not be able to live there and ply their cunning trade. It is evil and its fruit is the destruction of the Jewish soul, G-d forbid!

  4. Sharbano says:

    “all the Messianics were killed in the Holocause & refused to convert to Catholicism!”

    You mean a Xtian would not convert to Xtianity! That’s a novel idea.

  5. Vincent says:

    ” I have Messianic friends & they are some of the best people around, serve in the army-die for Eretz Israel! ”
    From the bilion+ Xtians in the world, thousands come to Israel.(small%) They are every so often nice people. Kind, polite, friendly, what have you. So what? What does that proof? They are deliberate like this, they want to make a point. But the point makes very few if any sense. And I don’t think many gentiles serve in IDF. It happens but not much. Has not much to do with this tragic incident either. I know of YHVH-witnesses and also some priests who were in ressistencemovement being killed in holocaust. But again, what is the point? There were 50 milion people killed at that time.

  6. Shiloh says:

    JEOD, no, not familiar with that sefer. Let me know the context via email if preferable.

    By the way, you don’t need to back track and appologise for your comment you made. The perpetuators of the Lie first of all according to our Torah there is specific punishments for that. But when one follows after their own heart they will react as the above did. Ignore it.

    Nothing new here. I had expected you to call as we had discussed, to no avail. As a religious Jew you must constantly say bli neder. Later

  7. valerie Knowles says:

    I have a friend that lives is Tzor Hadasah, where the murder took place. She was with her husband picking up trash 2 weeks before the murder, and 2 young arabs looked at her with such hatred and contempt it chilled her .
    My questions was and still is : why did’nt this Israeli resident, that is a tour guide have a weapon to protect her ??? oh I forgot only IDF, police, and Terrorists are allowed to have weapons.
    I was equally DISGUSTED as alway with obummer, that male occupying the white house illegally, that he gave NO attention, or spoke of NO outrage, to the fact that an American tourist was murdered by Arabs in Israel!!

    Well of course not, he is not an American, and he does nothing to support Israel, which in his “position” shows he hates Israel.

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