Israel Off The Grid

Last week, our community shul’s bulletin informed us that an 11 year old boywas injured in a skiing accident and rushed to the hospital. Doctors treating the boy performed a body scan. During the scan they noticed a lump in the boy’s chest.

Thank G-d, the boy is recovering well from the skiiing accident, but this week he undergoes a biopsy on the lump.  Please daven for this little tzadik’l, Ephraim ben Sarah Tikvah – he and his family should hear good news and he should have a refuah shlema.

All of us have heard similar stories where an “accidental” injury led to the discovery of an unknown, potentially life-threatening condition.  And because of the accident and consequent discovery, the patient received immediate treatment and was healed.

Hidden Disease – Relying on the Unreliable

The application of the “accidental discovery of a life-threatening condition” principal is clear to see in current events related to Egypt. The pro-democracy riots, sudden and accidental in nature, are revealing a hidden, dangerous condition: relying on the unreliable.

The SOI is unwisely relying on a weak reed that is unreliable and threatens to give way, break, and pierce the SOI at any time; it is now clear to all that the strong man Mubarak’s fall will lead to Egypt’s implicit and/or explicit abrogation of the Camp David peace treaty.

Already the SOI has been given a strong hint of what to expect in the future in terms of Egyptian unreliability. As a result of “terrorism” in the Sinai, 25% of Israel’s natural gas supply has been cut off overnight.

Hopefully, this incipient stage of Egyptian betrayal will wake the SOI up to the fact that all of their current geopolitical reliances are misplaced, and that the nation will take anticipatory actions towards military and economic self-reliance based on this fact.

As all nations surround us, we must prepare for “Israel Off-The-Grid.”


8 Responses to Israel Off The Grid

  1. moriah says:

    The big loser here is America whose ‘leader’ was exposed. Even the leftest of the Left, Binyamin Fuad Ben-Eliezer are complaining about barak hussein’s ignorance and naivete re middle east. Perhaps now that Israel knows where it really stands with the West more will be shaken by reality and return to Hashem.

  2. Moriya says:

    We must prepare for the inevitable war of Gog and Magog.
    It will affect everyone, Israel and the world. The question is, how many Jews will be sacrificed during this war, G_d forbid? Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis injected into her live shiur last week about this. Read:

  3. naftules says:

    the jews stand to suffer a lot …. and too bad becuase we could do more to ease our suffering … we should all pray and act towards a geulah brachamim …. ( check out R. pinhas winston and order his book geulah brachamim)

    i must admit i dont do well(get kinda freaked out) when missles are falling around, missles and bombs flying around are no joke … i dont like sitting in bomb shelters when big booms are shaking it…last war here in israel was scary enough(and involved unsophisticated weapons) and it was nuthin compared to what we are walking into. Turkey alone has the ability to blast us back to the stone age with their NATO and US weapons.
    G-d should help us merit a merciful redemption!!!

  4. er says:

    The leadership in Israel will NEVER get it. The left is, wittingly AND unwittingly committed to their own destruction and the destruction of our nation EY. EVEN NOW, they continue to pree for “the piece (sic) process” despite the obvious fact that retreat from land endangers Israels survival, as Egypt proves. The clever liars of the Nazi Muslim brotherhood are now saying “they will honor” the idiotic treaty Israel signed handing over the Sinai, and why not? talk is cheap, they can keep stealing our oil and gas and get rteady for the big surprise attack which should be no surprise for any Israeli with a brain. Unfortunately, the leadershuip ran out of brains a long time ago, and whhile they play politics over the new ‘Ramat Kal’ (chief of Staff of the army) the defense of our nation is severly neglected by srtupid politicians…

    • jewishendofdays says:

      I hear you. Perhaps the hint in the Egyptian revolution is that it mirrors that which will necessarily take place by the Jews in E”Y who take to the streets to reject the leftist, oppressive insanity.

  5. cw says:

    “accidental discovery of a life-threatening condition” principal is clear to see in current events related to Egypt. The pro-democracy riots, sudden and accidental in nature
    Accidental? PBO and two Google executives did this with the same aplomb of the election of PBO. This comes easy to this group. O bragged that after his initial domestic battle he would show islam what he can do for them. World disorder and caliphate are on his plate. One world government. Just imagine his plans for our beloved Israel.

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