Only Punching Allowed (for now)

As a result of major democratic Jewish donor threats, politically motivated PBO vetoes UN resolution calling settlements illegal, but at the same time the US forcefully pronounces them “illegitimate” and reaffirms the US commitment to push for a Pal (War) State.

My first reaction to the news this motzei Shabbat was, “he did the right thing.”  But, with further reflection this morning I realize hat this reaction is erroneous and a result of a galut consciousness where we rationalize and make excuses for abuse.

Victims of Abuse

The Jewish people in exile resemble an abused wife. The Nations have beaten us for thousands of years.  We have become accustomed to it to such an extent that, when they don’t beat us, like, for example, in America, we perceive the lack of being beaten as a kindness.

We’ve been so beat down and abused that we consider not being beaten up a chesed! – “Wow, they are such wonderful people, they’re not beating us up.”  Thus, for example, Jews are wont to say America is the “medina shel chesed” because people here are not abusing and persecuting us.

Let’s be clear – a person refraining from abusing an innocent is not a chesed!! And a person abusing another with a lesser intensity than expected is also not a chesed or a tovah.

Only the victim of abuse might view it so.

Only Punching Allowed (for now)

Likewise, with respect to current events.

America, led by PBO, continues to condone events which are leading to an Iranian takeover of the Middle East. Egypt is allowing Iranian warships, including a large freighter carrying weapons for Hizballah, through the Suez canal.  The US does not even protest against it or try to stop it from happening, although UN sanctions authorize inspection of these ships and confiscation of weapons.  Punch.

And, notwithstanding the UN veto, the US continues to proclaim Jews living in Judea, Samaria, and Historical Jerusalem illegitimate. Punch.

The US continues to push for a Pal (war) State. Punch.

The Pal call for the UN resolution was essentially a call for the Nations to ratchet up the level of abuse from a Punch to a Kick.

The US veto, in context, is a continuing of the status quo and a continuation of the abuse, albeit at an intensity not as high (for now) as the most wicked Nations desire – The US is saying, “Hey boys, only Punching allowed right now.”

(Although, the cynic in me believes the whole “show” is just a ploy to help prop up Abbas by showing he is not an American patsy, and to keep Jewish political donations flowing through 2012).

Purim Connection

So, should we show ha’carat ha’tov to PBO for not agreeing to Kick but rather just keep Punching?

In my opinion, the answer is no.  The US is still punching, and hurting.

Over time, many punches can knock a person down as much as just a few big kicks.

But for sure, thank you to those wealthy non-religious Jews for choosing to exercise their influence with PBO. It is a deed reminiscent of Esther, who used her influence with the evil and arrogant Achashverosh for the good of the Jewish people. This should be a great merit for them.

Given that the vote took place on Purim Katan, the parallels are obvious and clear.

HaShem is protecting us, and giving us time to do tshuva.


5 Responses to Only Punching Allowed (for now)

  1. Sarah says:

    Klal Yisrael is not free from their avodah of teshuva. At this time, Hashem is waiting for all of us to return. Please read this article,,
    and let’s all try, each of us, to fight against our enemies spiritually. No nation will harm us if we all do this right. Please… Time is of the essence.

  2. leah says:

    Wow, this vote took place on Purim Katan?! I know things of importance do take place on other spiritual dates/days in our calendar, but once again, it is…..yes, teshuvah is needed…

  3. R. Alkalai says:

    Brilliantly stated!!! It could not be more on point. I would love to see this piece published beyond this blog so that others may read it and get a reality check. You really should consider sending it around. Far too many of us think the goyim are doing us such favors……

  4. Dov Bar-Leib says:

    I have carefully thought through what you have written. It should be noted that it was not just Jewish campaign contributors who turned up the heat on Obama to veto the resolution. It also included many high-placed Republicans in the House of Representatives, most of whom have very few if any Jews in their districts. In no way do these stalwart supporters of Israel approve of the verbal tongue lashing that Obama gave Israel after the vote. They told Obama to veto because they know that Netanyahu made Abbas a generous offer, to curtail building in the yishuvim not including East Jerusalem, in exchange for Abbas’s public declaration recognizing pre-67 Israel as a Jewish state which cannot be overrun with 7 million Arab “refugees”. This is something that Abbas will never do because he knows that within 48 hours of such a concession, he would end up with a bullet in his head. So the offer by Netanyahu was a good one and proved the point so that the righteous Republicans that inhabit the Congress could clearly see who are the good people in this moral theatre being directed from above. This is not the first time that these gentile Republicans have shown their righteous colors. Back in the 1994 Congressional elections the Republicans took control of the Lower House of Reps. for the first time in 40 years. Newt Gingrich at the time had a very large domestic legislative agenda called the Contract with America. So most of the Congressional session in 1995 was an effort by him and other top Republicans to get all the items on the Contract passed by both houses of Congress. Some of these items were sighed into law by Clinton. Some of them were not. By October of 1995, Gingrich and company had completed most of their work on getting the Contract passed. So then they turned to foreign policy. What was the first item on their foreign policy agenda? It was the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, to recognize an undivided Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and to attempt to legislate the moving of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It passed by overwhelming veto-proof 90% majorities in both houses of Congress. It even attempted to hold, by law, 50% of the State Department’s budget for purchasing buildings abroad until the new embassy was built. It attempted to force the Executive Branch to relocate the embassy to Jerusalem within four years of the Bill becoming law. Well, Clinton did not sign the bill, for a veto would have been pointless. So it became law in accordance to the Constitution ten working days later. For the subsequent 15 years since its passage, the Executive Branch, the last three Presidents, has refused to enforce this law, claiming that the Constitution does not give Congress any power in the day to day running of foreign policy. Apparently the American Presidency runs by different moral rules than the American legislative branch. The President is highly influenced by career diplomats from Foggy Bottom and almost always puts America’s temporal prosperity ahead of absolute moral principles. Whether this was intentionally done by or a serious oversight of America’s Founding Fathers is an interesting discussion for another time. Given that the House of Representatives and to a lesser extant the Senate are the people’s Houses, it was this that the Lubavitcher Rebbe referred to when he called America a Nation of Chessed.

  5. Dov Bar-Leib says:

    By the way, I agree with you that the “Righteous” Republicans are about to go through a serious change for the worse. As it appears right now, Ron Paul (not to be confused with his son Rand) style Israel- hating Libertarians along with other Amaleki Nazi types in the grand heritage of Patrick Buchanan are about to take over the Grand Ole Party.

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