Gog Scenario

March 22, 2011

A forecast written much better than I could have written myself.

Thanks to Yarenen Yaakov for finding it.


UN Authorizes US/Arab Force To Remove Occupiers

March 18, 2011

Now Libya, tomorrow?

Just imagine what would happen in E”Y if the Arabs violently “rebel” against the Jews, and the Jews try to defend themselves against it.

G-d protect us.

Earthquakes and Terror

March 13, 2011

Last week I dreamed that I was in  Yerushalyim at the kotel. I was in some type of basement below the praying area under Wilson’s arch.

Suddenly there was a massive earthquake (I was at the epicenter of the 7.1 magnitude World Series quake, and this was massive compared to that). I hunkered down but was “safe” in this basement. But I knew major destruction was being wrought overhead.

This was not the first earthquake dream I’ve had. And some have proven to be amazingly prescient (I had one the night before the Northridge quake in LA).  So after I woke up I searched to see if there was any significant seismic activity in the world that night – nothing notable.  I did, however, tell my wife about the dream.

And then, the tragic Japanese quake and tsunami.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure that there was a connection between my dream and the quake. But what?

At first, since in my dream I was in Yerushalyim, its clear that the message is for the Jewish people. And of course, the message is do tshuva in whatever area you in truth know you need to fix – the junk in the basement.

Terror Strikes in E”Y

For some reason, the first news site I went to tonight was Vois is Neis. And the lead story in the horrific and beastly terror attack in Itamar. From Earthquakes and Tsunamis erev shabbat, to Terror and Murder motzei shabbat.

Of course, in times like these, one thinks many thoughts. But my first thought is that there is an equivalence in “weight” between the Earthquake and the Terror attack.  Tens of thousands dead, a nation brought to its knees on the one hand, and a family of five Jews killed for being free Jews, on the other.

Please Hashem, the blood of these Jewish people should not have spilled in vain, nor should the gentile Japanese blood not fulfill its purpose to warn to the Jews to repent.

Wake up Jewish People living in E”Y! Wake up Jewish People in H”L!!

We must realize HaShem exists, and he gave us his Torah of Life to save us!

Only the Torah can guide our people successfully through the events of the End of Days.