Dreams Come True

April 24, 2011

Jews killed for praying a Jewish Holy Site because they did not following “coordination rules”.

This is a vision of what’s to come with the PA state – a true Exile of Our Time.


Dream of a Scary Woman

April 13, 2011

Last motzei Shabbat, I had a very scary dream of a wicked, disgusting, old woman (think a demonic caracature of Helen Thomas) who was trying to hurt me. She was wearing a red bonnet, Little Red Ridinghood style.

I was very scared. I woke up in chills.


Reb Nachman and other seforim state that lillith is the mother of the erev rav and is symbolized in the Torah as Hagar. Thus, lilith is the mother of Yishmael and the erev rav.

During Shabbat I discovered that the gematria of zav in mileiu (zayin-yud-nun, beit-yud-taf) is 480 (im ha’kollel), the same gematria as lilith. This makes perfect sense since zav is a condition related to the failure to properly guard the brit, and failure to guard the brit is what empowers lillith.

At this time of history, it is known that Edom has sold his “crown” to Yishmael in exchange for the promise of continued existence. Yishmael finally gets to play king, although he has no real kingship.  (Babel, Paras, Yavan, and Edom are “kingdoms”, Yismael is not).

All of this is manifesting in terms of current events.

Spookily, the next morning my almost-five year old woke up. The first thing out of his mouth in the morning was, “I had a scary dream.”  I asked him what he dreamed about.

He replied, “A scary woman”.

Cool Hiddush

After I woke up from the dream, since it was chatzot, I decided to stay up and learn Zohar (why not!).  Then I started doing some permutations of lilith. There is a concept of sweetening the din by changing the letters to the letters before in the alphabet.

With transposed letters, lilith is now spelled (right to left) shin-tet-caf-tet-caf – the gematria of 358 – the gematria of Moshiach! Speedily, in our days.

By the way, does anybody besides me believe Joj Soroth is a very good candidate for Armelius?

Yishmael Will Fall

April 4, 2011

Ultimately, Yishmael will fall – on the face of his brothers.