Secret of the “Arab Spring”

May 16, 2011

Arab Spring. The thought conjures up images of a pleasant sunny day, new grass and pretty flowers, and a refreshing breeze – “clean as a whistle.”

The song of the day for Shabbos reads:

A boor does not know, and a fool does not understand this. As the evildoers bloom like grass, and the sinners blossom – to destroy them forever. (Psalms, 92)

On this verse, R. Chaim Volozin brings the idea that evil is “hidden” and “mixed” within the world.  When one looks at a barren, sun-baked, dusty field, it is impossible to know what is really there.

With rain and sun, bad weeds and poisonous plants reveal themselves from their dark hiding places.

Today, the Nations’ wickedness blossoms in the Arab Spring.

Only to be cut down forever.

G-d willing, the Jewish People will never be forced to wield fearsome violence to defend ourselves, and that the Nations’ own wicked designs will consume them.


My Christian Reader

May 13, 2011

Coincidentally with Glenn Beck’s trip to Israel and his unwavering support, I received a comment on my blog (edited for brevity – in full here):

I am an American, but I am a Christian first! My heart and prayers go out to you, as a people and a nation. . . It is scary to see G_d’s plan unfold right before our very eyes, but I just read from Psalm 102 today, through the fiery trials ahead, Mashiach will come. Again only our distinct faith separates us, because I truly believe that Yahshua is the Mashiach, and that He will come again . . .  YHWH grant you His strength, boldness, courage and His Spirit through the darkest of nights ahead. We will be praying and supporting the Jews in every which way that we can. . .The whole world will know that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the LORD of all the universe.

Here is my reply:


Thank you for your kind words and blessings.

Please, hear me:

There is a direct path to G-d for a Gentile. All of your desires are genuine and from G-d. Unfortunately, you have inherited a belief system that is false. Christianity was created by the evil Roman empire in their war against the Jews. No matter what you may think,  just as Islam is the wicked religion of Yishmael, so too is Christianity the false religion of Esau-Edom-Rome.

Please, do not pray to G-d through any intermediary. Atonement for sin comes directly from G-d. Blood sacrifices that truly do atone for the world and the Jewish People are happening regularly in Israel (think family the  young Jewish family slaughtered with knives, and the 16 year old boy killed when Hamas shot an anti-tank missile at his school bus).

It is Jacob, Israel, who is the suffering servant who is bearing the world’s sins. We bear the shame of  this abusive world. We are the wrongly accused but innocent. We suffer for the sins of the world.

Please, pray to G-d directly for help, assistance and salvation. The “Christ” within you, the “Word/Logos” that inspires you to do good, has nothing to do with Jesus. It is your own soul speakingyou are made in the image of G-d like Adam. It is not proper to project your divine soul onto a statue of stone.

Please, you may be held very accountable for substituting a man-made religion for a divinely revealed truth (Torah).  The Torah, the Jewish religion, was given by public revelation to millions of Jews. Don’t exchange this glorious Public Revelation for a “private revelation” of one man.

Ultimately, Christianity is among the many untruths that must crumble and fall in the End. Islam and Christianity will be shone bare for what they are – Satanic attempts to “replace” and “abrogate” the holy Torah.

When HaShem is King

May 10, 2011

On the 7th day of Pesach, I calculated the value of the verse, “Hashem yimloch l’olam va’ed” – HaShem will reign forever.

The gematria is 376 – the same as Shalom.

When HaShem is King there is peace.

The Holocaust Yet To Come

May 6, 2011

Just an amazing piece by Moshe Feiglin:

This article is not about the Holocaust that happened. It is about the Holocaust that is liable to come knocking on our door. If you are weak of heart, stop reading now. But if you are staying with me, please take a deep breath, forget about secondary political issues and internalize what I am writing. The trains to Auschwitz did not have separate cars for Right and Left, Haredi and secular.

It is popular to pontificate on the lesson of the Holocaust. Every person takes the Holocaust to the place that is comfortable for him. I would like to discuss a very basic lesson that I have never seen disproved: The Western world will not try too hard to close down the gas chambers. Not only that. It will even indirectly stoke them.

True, after the Holocaust, in a rare moment of good will, the world voted to partition the Land of Israel and to recognize the fledgling Jewish state. But this recognition had no practical implications. Seven Arab armies invaded the tiny area allocated to Israel. The world did not lift a finger. The Egyptian army got to within thirty kilometers of Tel Aviv, murdering and destroying every person and settlement in its path. They cut through the Negev and reached Beit Lechem. The Jordanians were just twenty minutes away from Israel’s coast. The Syrians captured Mishmar Hayarden – and destroyed it, of course.

Three years after the Holocaust, the Western world waited once again for the Arabs to finish off the dirty work. It did nothing to help Israel. But then, with G-d’s loving grace, the situation turned around. The nascent IDF stopped the Arab armies. On the southern front, Yigal Alon commanded over some brilliant maneuvers that more or less eliminated the Egyptian army. The IDF forces got all the way to El Arish inside Egypt.

When that happened, Britain threatened that if the IDF would not retreat, it would invade Israel. America pressured, Ben Gurion gave in and the new norm was set: When the Jews are in danger, the world waits patiently. When they start to win, the world stops them.

The Western world – upon all its beauty and advantages – will always act as a static anvil for the murderous hammer descending upon the Jews from above – be it the Nazi hammer, the Arab hammer or any other murderous, anti Jewish hammer.

The time when we will have to decide if we are willing to entrust our fate to the very same West that will always be happy to be rid of the “Israel Problem” is rapidly approaching. We see ourselves as an inseparable part of the Western world. It is difficult for us to accept that the West, our cultural patron, will simply close its eyes with relief when six million Jews in Israel will once again be facing wholesale slaughter.
But that is precisely the direction that events are taking. The only difference between 1948 and today is that then we were a rabbit that thought it was a lion and today we are a lion that thinks it is a rabbit. In 1948, our physical weakness invited invasion. Today, our mental weakness invites invasion.

What invasion am I talking about? If we were not living in denial, the media would be abuzz about Samantha Power, head of the National Security Council, who advocates taking the funds that the US now invests in the IDF and investing them instead in the ‘Palestinian’ army. In no uncertain terms, she discusses a possible US invasion of Israel – to keep the peace, of course. When that goal is accomplished, Power advocates leaving us here to enjoy the loving kindness of the righteous souls in Ramallah.

As surrealistic as all of this sounds now, it is most important to remember that only terror organizations and Arab states used to deny Israel’s right to exist. Now this concept is coffee table talk throughout Europe. The denial of the right to exist always precedes physical annihilation. That is another important lesson of the Holocaust.

Tony Blair, the European Union’s envoy to the Mid-East, recently said that Europe would accept the Hamas as a negotiating partner, refusing to make that contingent on Hamas recognition of Israel’s right to exist. When officials of the stature of Power and Blair make these statements, they are charting the course for Western policy.

After the UN will recognize a Palestinian state at the 1967 borders, the Arabs will demand an Israeli retreat. To make sure we know they mean business, they will punctuate their demands with missiles on Israel’s cities. Israel will be forced to respond and the international coalition will rev up its motors to come save the peace.

All signs point to the fact that Israel is currently building the foundations for a Palestinian state and is planning an instant, southern-Lebanon-style retreat from Judea and Samaria. Something like, ‘Get on the buses now and we’ll explain later.’

But the Arabs don’t really want a state. All that they want is to end Jewish sovereignty in Israel. Their demands will intensify after Israel’s retreat from Judea and Samaria as per the Gush Katif aftermath model. They will demand the Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, right of return for their ‘refugees’, compensation payments, an international peace keeping force and what not. In the meantime, they will continue to bombard us with missiles. Israel’s military response will serve the West with its excuse to intervene. At this point, an exhausted Israel will have to decide: Either open the Ashdod port to the US Navy forces or fight against the entire world.

All of Israel’s ‘enlightened’ elites will unequivocally support opening Israel’s gates to the
‘Peacekeeping’ forces. From the President all the way down to the writers in the major newspapers, they will have no other solution. “And what is better?” they will ask. “Living in the shadow of the West, or fighting a war being forced upon us by Jewish fundamentalists?” The patriotic declarations being sounded today in the Likud will turn into ‘pragmatic’ rhetoric. The West is the very air that we breathe and the lesson of the Holocaust will be ignored.

The last thing that the policy-makers are capable of thinking is that we are a nation in our own merit, a nation that relies on its own ethical code. They will never come to terms with the fact that we are not Western or Eastern; we are simply Jews who, as opposed to 1948 – are not weak at all. We are a formidable economic and military power and are capable of extracting a terrible price from any country in the world that will threaten our sovereignty.

We will never even think that the entire problem does not exist in reality, but only in our minds. In other words, our psychological dependency on the West actually invites this scenario. No Western country would challenge our sovereignty if it had the slightest fear of an Israeli response. We are a lion that thinks it is a rabbit. But knowing this country, I do not expect that we will respond to threats on our sovereignty in the manner that any normal nation would respond. Instead, Israel will open its gates to the ‘Peacekeeping’ forces. The IDF will be disbanded and the rest of the story has already been experienced by the Jewish People throughout its long and painful history.

As a believing Jew, I pray that our Father in heaven will perform a miracle and that one year from now, you will be able to take this article and laugh at me. I am a great believer in the Nation of Israel and anticipate that unexpected energies will emerge in the nick of time to prevent this scenario.

As Independence Day approaches, we must say loudly and clearly: There is life after America. The struggle is not for the settlements. The danger is much more existential and all-inclusive. It is not military danger. It is not economic danger. The danger is our total collapse in a process that is all-too reminiscent of the fall of Czechoslovakia. The moment that a state entrusts its existence to other states that have other interests, its existence becomes transient.

It is urgent to cut the psychological ropes binding us to the West. We are not Americans. We are Israelis and we have an independent and strong faith and culture from which we draw our own existential legitimacy – not from the West.

There is life after America. Put it on stickers. Blog it. Write it on your social media. Broadcast it at rallies and wherever you can. We do not need American aid. All that we need is to return to our tried and true Jewish identity.

No-Fly To E”Y

May 5, 2011

Today’s sefirah is gevurah sh’b’tiferet.

E”Y, malcut, is the channel and gateway to tiferet, mercy, and the Torah of Yaakov and Moshe.

The light of Torah is shining brighter and brighter in the world. The Jewish People are doing tshuva, and many in E”Y are worthy of the redemption.

The gift of access to E”Y is a tremendous manifestation of  chesed sh’b’tiferet.  And when children don’t appreciate their chesed sh’b’tiferet, the parent must change it to gevurah sh’b’tiferet – which means the parent restrains their bestowal of kindness temporarily so the child develops an appreciation and gratitude for the kindness.

In this case, the Parent’s kindness is the ability to visit, live in, and travel to and from, E”Y.

The Tip of The Spear

May 4, 2011

Could Bibi and the SOI be entering a trap on Hamas and PA?

SOI is trying to position itself as the “good guy” by not negotiating with any Hamas/PA government because Hamas doesn’t recognize the right for Israel to exist, and seeks to destroy it.

Please G-d, the Arabs will be wild and never step up to the plate, and that Hamas will not suddenly declare publicly (in English only), “We unconditionally recognize the right for Israel to exist, and we regret that our past activities were necessary to bring us to the point where we accomplish our goal of a free Palestinian state.”

Suddenly, the entire diplomatic rug would be pulled from SOI. Good luck trying to stop a UN recognition in September if Hamas decides to play this bold and smart.

With media being what it is, Hamas could become the world’s darling overnight – a tragic repentant love story.

Wickedness!! They will be lying through their teeth to get their state ramrodded through the UN without having to make any peace treaty!! Who needs a treaty when you get your State and the right to weaponize it also!!!

Of course, a few months after the statehood party, the Palis vent their post-statehood “grievances” by rocket fire. NATO will be glad to join the party to to make “peace” between Israel and the newly coined Pal State.

Cynically create a war state, cause a war, not allow Israel to win, and invade to make peace.

Don’t you get it Israeli’s . . . Europe wants to do you in!! Stop thinking about partying and doing business, and care about your lives!!

To quote R. Akiva Tatz from a shiur I heard once in Yerushalyim 15 years ago, “Esau will use Yishmael as the tip of his spear.”