The Tip of The Spear

Could Bibi and the SOI be entering a trap on Hamas and PA?

SOI is trying to position itself as the “good guy” by not negotiating with any Hamas/PA government because Hamas doesn’t recognize the right for Israel to exist, and seeks to destroy it.

Please G-d, the Arabs will be wild and never step up to the plate, and that Hamas will not suddenly declare publicly (in English only), “We unconditionally recognize the right for Israel to exist, and we regret that our past activities were necessary to bring us to the point where we accomplish our goal of a free Palestinian state.”

Suddenly, the entire diplomatic rug would be pulled from SOI. Good luck trying to stop a UN recognition in September if Hamas decides to play this bold and smart.

With media being what it is, Hamas could become the world’s darling overnight – a tragic repentant love story.

Wickedness!! They will be lying through their teeth to get their state ramrodded through the UN without having to make any peace treaty!! Who needs a treaty when you get your State and the right to weaponize it also!!!

Of course, a few months after the statehood party, the Palis vent their post-statehood “grievances” by rocket fire. NATO will be glad to join the party to to make “peace” between Israel and the newly coined Pal State.

Cynically create a war state, cause a war, not allow Israel to win, and invade to make peace.

Don’t you get it Israeli’s . . . Europe wants to do you in!! Stop thinking about partying and doing business, and care about your lives!!

To quote R. Akiva Tatz from a shiur I heard once in Yerushalyim 15 years ago, “Esau will use Yishmael as the tip of his spear.”


4 Responses to The Tip of The Spear

  1. Nesher says:

    I can understand the West using the Muslims as their proxy army, while at the same tome playing the role of the latter’s funders (via “aid”), inciters and even (Jew-hating) “groupies” for lack of a better term.

    Yet one wonders why the Muslims need any encouragement from a West that has for all intents and purposes given in to the Muslims.

    • jewishendofdays says:

      The Muslims don’t need encouragement, they need weapons. And the person who makes the weapons knows who the buyer is using them against, and is just as guilty.

  2. Chaim Zev says:

    this is the evil plan that Hashem will foil!!

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