No-Fly To E”Y

Today’s sefirah is gevurah sh’b’tiferet.

E”Y, malcut, is the channel and gateway to tiferet, mercy, and the Torah of Yaakov and Moshe.

The light of Torah is shining brighter and brighter in the world. The Jewish People are doing tshuva, and many in E”Y are worthy of the redemption.

The gift of access to E”Y is a tremendous manifestation of  chesed sh’b’tiferet.  And when children don’t appreciate their chesed sh’b’tiferet, the parent must change it to gevurah sh’b’tiferet – which means the parent restrains their bestowal of kindness temporarily so the child develops an appreciation and gratitude for the kindness.

In this case, the Parent’s kindness is the ability to visit, live in, and travel to and from, E”Y.


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