When HaShem is King

On the 7th day of Pesach, I calculated the value of the verse, “Hashem yimloch l’olam va’ed” – HaShem will reign forever.

The gematria is 376 – the same as Shalom.

When HaShem is King there is peace.


2 Responses to When HaShem is King

  1. naftules says:

    thats cool …. but how many other words have the same gematria …
    When HaShem is King there is “anyword equaling 376”

    fun to play with but doesnt really do it for me…

    • jewishendofdays says:

      I think gematrias mean more to the person who discovers them. There are hundreds of versus to “turn over” – when one is inspired to turn over an entire verse, sift it, and finds a pearl – that “chiddush” has meaning to the discoverer.

      Of course, the remez does connect to a Sod here (gematrias are remazim to sodot, they don’t just “stand alone” as is understood outside the inyan), which I did not explicate on – i.e. the connection between Malcut and Shalom.

      Again, the gematrias that “do it for us” are the ones we discover ourselves, some more sophisticated, some lesser so. But each can add dimensions of meaning and help us to understanding and love our Torah.

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