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Coincidentally with Glenn Beck’s trip to Israel and his unwavering support, I received a comment on my blog (edited for brevity – in full here):

I am an American, but I am a Christian first! My heart and prayers go out to you, as a people and a nation. . . It is scary to see G_d’s plan unfold right before our very eyes, but I just read from Psalm 102 today, through the fiery trials ahead, Mashiach will come. Again only our distinct faith separates us, because I truly believe that Yahshua is the Mashiach, and that He will come again . . .  YHWH grant you His strength, boldness, courage and His Spirit through the darkest of nights ahead. We will be praying and supporting the Jews in every which way that we can. . .The whole world will know that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the LORD of all the universe.

Here is my reply:


Thank you for your kind words and blessings.

Please, hear me:

There is a direct path to G-d for a Gentile. All of your desires are genuine and from G-d. Unfortunately, you have inherited a belief system that is false. Christianity was created by the evil Roman empire in their war against the Jews. No matter what you may think,  just as Islam is the wicked religion of Yishmael, so too is Christianity the false religion of Esau-Edom-Rome.

Please, do not pray to G-d through any intermediary. Atonement for sin comes directly from G-d. Blood sacrifices that truly do atone for the world and the Jewish People are happening regularly in Israel (think family the  young Jewish family slaughtered with knives, and the 16 year old boy killed when Hamas shot an anti-tank missile at his school bus).

It is Jacob, Israel, who is the suffering servant who is bearing the world’s sins. We bear the shame of  this abusive world. We are the wrongly accused but innocent. We suffer for the sins of the world.

Please, pray to G-d directly for help, assistance and salvation. The “Christ” within you, the “Word/Logos” that inspires you to do good, has nothing to do with Jesus. It is your own soul speakingyou are made in the image of G-d like Adam. It is not proper to project your divine soul onto a statue of stone.

Please, you may be held very accountable for substituting a man-made religion for a divinely revealed truth (Torah).  The Torah, the Jewish religion, was given by public revelation to millions of Jews. Don’t exchange this glorious Public Revelation for a “private revelation” of one man.

Ultimately, Christianity is among the many untruths that must crumble and fall in the End. Islam and Christianity will be shone bare for what they are – Satanic attempts to “replace” and “abrogate” the holy Torah.


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  1. marie says:

    This person needs to find out about the Noahide Laws for Righteous Gentiles. If the Christian person who wrote this is reading my comment, I would like to give you a link where you can learn more about what your soul needs (a soul which is from G-d and not Yahshua).

    As well, to learn more about the lies of Christianity you can go to and listen to the very informative recorded live presentations, look for the ‘download now free’ yellow box. Coming from a Christian background myself, these lectures have helped me immensely and no longer consider myself a Christian or ‘saved’ via Yahshua.

  2. Gina says:

    Personally, I’m embarassed that Glenn was there. I study the Torah, keep the Sabbath (Saturday) and I believe Yeshua made atonement for us all. That is why the temple and the sacrifices are no longer needed. The next temple you build will be for the Anti-Messiah. Yeshua wiil build his own temple in the 1000 yr reign where the Feast Dsys will be celebrated by all nations and the Sabbath will be on the Days YWHW proclaimed, not by a pagan Constantine. There is more to the Mormon faith than Christianity. Free Masonry and they believe they are a lost tribe of David. Glenn needs to stop thinking he can save the world with his man made occult religion and his words. I think he is endangering Israel more than helping it.

    • jewishendofdays says:

      That Yeshua made atonement is just a convenient lie that is impossible to prove as false. You could make the same claim and nobody could prove you wrong.

      Please, don’t fall into the Roman trap – they have set up the Xian world to fight the real Messiah.

      ALL of your Xian tradition comes from the Romans – it is a fact that cannot be denied. I have studied the genesis of the NT extensively. Notwithstanding later apologetics (e.g. Martin Luther though modern evangelicals) Xianity is rooted in Rome.

      • Gina says:

        Sorry, but I am not lost or believing a lie, I read and study the books of Moses, and Yeshua is revealed all through it. I understand about the sacrificial system, it all points to his sacrifice. He is God in the flesh, Emmanuel with us. There is no trinity, he is not three persons. I have nothing to do with American Churches or the Catholics. I know about the pagan Romans and how they began their idolotrous, murderous religion. Even Moses told you another prophet would come greater than he. It was Yeshua, Moses gave us the Torah, YWHW gave us the Torah made flesh, Yeshua. He was/is the living Torah. He lived it and showed us how some of the scribes and pharisees made it a heavy burden, he came to teach it correctly. So I’m not a complete moron on these matters. But for you, I understand because your hearing (Benjamin) is gone, there is a veil over your eyes.

        I know you’ve read the story of Joseph and how he was unrecognizable to his brothers, dressed like an Egyptian, acted like an Egyptian. This is what Christianity has done to Yeshua, we took away his Jewishness and made him an unreocognible Jewish man dressed and acting like an ungodly cult leader and idolatrous gentile. But look who had to repent before he revealed himself to all of his brothers. When Judah repents, he will once again reveal himself to his brothers and they will with great sorrow, cry and lament over how they treated him. Then you will beg for him to return and only then will he. I hope your around.

  3. Steve says:

    One thing that is something to consider, many gentiles are turning back to Torah. As an active Noahide, I am seeing more and more each day. We have Orthodox Rabbis who are stepping up to the plate to teach us what we need to know. Not every gentile is steeped in idolatry. Many are following the seven laws and have chucked off the ways we were, and becoming what we should be.

  4. theresa says:

    blessings and well said steve. i was a staunch xtian for about 40 years. Thank Hashem, its all over. Avraham almost sacrificed his son, ofcourse Hashem would not have let him. my studies as a noahide explains, he was asked to give his son as a offering, not korban. that is a lesson throughout the tanach Hashem does not accept human sacrifice, as in case of jepthah also. as we came out of idolatry soon, Hashem will bring all others too. there is no excuse whatsoever to continue believing jesus is G-d or died for our sins. if another dies for our sins, where does repentance and teshuva come in, or measure for measure. just dont understand how people can still continue on this false path.

    • Gina says:

      There is every reason to believe it. How’s that temple coming along? The one you’re buiding for the Anti-Messiah. Why has there not been a temple in the land of Israel since Yeshua died? He tore it down at the cross, he was the unblemished lamb. Read your bible, all of it. Noahide laws are done away with. The Torah is your law.

      • Sharbano says:

        You should read Tehillim wherein the nations are conspiring against G-d and His Mashiach. It’s likely these Xtians will see this “Jewish” Mashiach as an antichrist and will band together to go against him, G-d and His Mashiach.

      • WatcherOH says:

        Perhaps it would be best to spend some time in Tanach just to discover if NT claim of “Blood Atonement” is ALWAYS TRUE. Is “blood” always used in atonement, how must it be used, and are there any circumstances when “blood” is NOT used…and specifically what “atonement” does it offer, ALL or SPECIFIC. Then one may address the NT uses of “blood” and decide whether all the criteria were met correctly, or if it was needed at all, or even which “sins” may be forgiven.

      • jewishendofdays says:

        The “scapegoat” is the vehicle which atones for 99% of intentional sins. But this IS NOT A BLOOD ATONEMENT. The blood of this animal IS NOT sprinkled on the altar. Rather, this animal is sent to the desert to be dashed over a rocky cliff.

        The scapegoat is ONLY effective if people GENUINELY REPENT of their evil deeds. It is not an automatic, at all.

        Again, for most sins people are guilty of today (murder, theft, oppression, immorality), there is NO blood atonement required.

      • ZP says:

        Gina, your messiah/god was unblemished lamb?

        Have you forgotten that he was whipped? Bloodied. Nope, he certainly was not unblemished. You have much to learn – but the Almighty will continue to lead you in the path of your lies if that is where you heart is. You sing praises to another and not to the G-d of Avraham, Yiztchak and Yaakov

        Perhaps you should visit my site and look at the righteous Gentiles link.

  5. Sheva says:

    I am a cheerfully frum Jewish girl, who thinks it is wonderful that Glen and many non-Jews are finally realizing that it is NOT Israel and Judaism that is irrelevant. What is becoming irrelevant is this Xtian religion which contradicts the Torah every chance it gets. You cannot stand up as an enemy of the G-D of Israel; to destroy the Torah and the people of Israel, and expect to win. I thank Hashem for every soul he adds to the side of holiness from the kelipot. It is NOT hard to please Hashem, the G-D of Israel. But you have to do it in the manner that he requests you to. It is the obedient child who receives the reward. You cannot please Hashem by offering him up a platter of pig.

    • Gina says:

      Do you think it wonderful that Glenn believes all Christians, Muslims and Judaism all have the same God and stem from the same religion, birthed from Jerusalem? He does, heard him say it. Glenn is like Solomon, bringing all those religions together. I don’t believe God is keen to cults and ungodly blended religions coming together and claiming they know him and how he talks to Glenn. Glenn is a mental case and I watch and listen to him, but when he starts his religious rants, I turn him off. He sorely grieves my spirit.

      • Sharbano says:

        It’s interesting that Devarim does speak about these two world religions. Moshe warns the Israelites that days would come where they would not worship gold and silver but rather, wood (the cross) and stone (Mecca). These two world religions are encoded in Torah in a warning from Moshe to stay clear of them.

  6. Menachem Robinson says:

    Most people believe that the Messiah is imminent. Therefore, since he will not be a newborn baby, he is already here and has been for decades. Fact: He is here, he lives in Jerusalem and he is one of the 36 hidden righteous individuals of our generation (there are 36 in every generation). The other 35 know who he is and when he will be announced to the world. This has been verified by many sources. The most important fact is that IT IS NOT YOSHU! The 2000 year old question about the validity of Xtianity has been answered. It is time for all good gentiles to become B’nei Noach and serve the one true G-d directly without an idolatrous intermediary. The time of our redemption is here and every person on Earth can thrive and have a wonderful future. It’s up to each individual.

    • KFon75 says:

      LOL. First of all, the imminency of Mashiach, how does that prove that He is already here? If so what is He waiting for? How can you say that every generation has a Mashiach? According to Moshe, he said in the Torah that there would be another prophet like him… prophet, singular. There is only one prophet that completes the prophecies given in the Old Testament (including the Torah). Everyone will know who He is when comes to judge the nations. By the way even the prophet Yeshaaya (Isaiah) said “Behold, the LORD is riding on a swift cloud…” When Mashiach comes He will literally descend from heaven, on the clouds. Every eye will see Him coming. They will look upon Him whom they have pierced. We can reason till the sun goes out, but we wont come to agreement untill the Mashiach comes. Yeshua will come riding on the clouds and He will judge the nations that come against the apple of His eye, Israel. And He will establish the Kingdom of YHWH on earth and teach Torah to the world.

  7. marie says:

    Was it something that I said? My comment was not added.

    • jewishendofdays says:

      Didn’t see your comment. Post it again.

      Thanks for reading!

      • marie says:

        Thank you. I see my comment was now added on top, the other comments were added before mine. I’m just going to re-post the comment below, in the hopes your Christian reader will see it, because I think the information I am leaving can be of great help for him/her.

  8. Adam says:


    You owe yourselves a huge favor by watching this video: part 1 part 2

    You owe it to yourselves to get out of a false religion full of mistakes, taught to the ignoramus among you!!!

  9. Shiloh says:

    Funny as hell when the truth slaps you in the face. You censor because you cannot refute what I am saying but believe the wicked Erev Rav who is leading the flock astray. If you are so sure of your truth then why do you censor me. Laughable to say the least. When this all comes to a head, don’t expect for me to accept your appology if you ever leave the galut. So hypocritical.

    • naftules says:

      Shiloh your back? I thought you said you were not going to post or read the JEOD’s when you got all upset a few months ago when JEOD asked if you were a halakic yidden? … changed your mind and came back huh? I really fail to see how dude is a hypocrite, and anyways aliyah can take time and it aint easy for everyone…. yearning for redemption can go a long way and someone working toward aliyah is already there…

      • jewishendofdays says:

        Thanks Naftules. Shiloh’s a real confused, sad case. This is what happens when a 386 processor tries to run a program (the Torah) designed for a Pentium (Jewish soul).

        Hopefully his professed desire to seek and live the truth are genuine, and he will get past his tainted. rudimentary, and superficial understanding of what Torah’s really all about – and he will humble himself and leave the Jews alone rather than believing he has been designated by G-d to “show the Jews the (new) true way”. (Seems to be a pattern – JC, Mohammed, etc.)

  10. shadrach says:

    2Sam 24:1 And again the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel and He moved David against them, saying, “Go count Israel and Judah.”

    1Ch 21:1 Now Satan arose upon Israel, and he moved David to count Israel.

    If these two posuk are talking about the same event then who moved David to number Israel -God or satan ?

  11. Moshe says:

    I denounce the Christian tenets. Yet, I feel compelled to write the following:

    Christianity as a religion was created by the Romans, surely. However, this is not the whole truth. Many of the sources of Christianity (the Gospels) were clearly not made up by the Romans. These sources are largely Jewish. You are arguing with people who, I assume, do not care about what was created by the Romsns. They care about the sources. Therefore, I think you will not convince anyone with your arguments. In my view, without the full truth we cannot win the argument, and what you write is not the full truth.

    Further, your arguments can be used against you. Judaism underwent many changes in the course of history. A major one was in the beginning of Bayit Sheni. To use your words, who studied the genesis of the Judaism intensively, may well conclude that the religion was created by the exiles in Bavel, or by Ezra HaSofer, or by the Tannaim, or by the writers of the Talmud. Is the “public revelation to millions” really undisputable historical fact? Really? Does Judaism really depend on this? Really? What will you say to who argues that the Zohar was a private revelation?

    • jewishendofdays says:

      My point is not to argue. While true the Gospels originate with Jewish apostates, the versions we have today were heavily edited by the Romans – to the extent where there is no certainty which is which. And major portions (e.g. Luke) originated with gentiles b’klal, many years after JC allegedly lived. The Gospels in their Jewish apostate form are so highly adulterated by Roman (gentile) content that it is impossible to ascertain which is which for sure. In any event, the mixed is entirely impure because its a mixture of Roman interpolations and Jewish apostasy. So its false either way.

      In terms of “public revelation” – all the “big three” religions agree on this. As far as Talmudic Judaism, this was created, developed, and continues to operate within the “framework” set forth in the public revelation for halachic determination and applications (I suggest reading the Rambam’s introduction to Mishna for more details on this).

      And yes, Judaism does depend on the fact of Public Revelation at Har Sinai. Judaism is the only religion in the world that even claims Public Revelation. Every other religion in the world, without exception, was a single man who claimed a private revelation.

      As far as the Zohar, an observant Jew is not obligated to believe that it is true. But even still, the Zohar, the Zohar is part of a tradition included in the the “framework” of the public revelation, the framework of the oral Torah, whereby an acknowledge majority of Torah Sages testify as to the authenticity of transmitted information.

      Thank you for your insightful comment.

  12. Moshe says:

    What if the sources were not changed? The Gospels feel quite Jewish, to be honest. You are postulating, by very dear brother. Of course there wre changes, by your argument cannot depend on them. BTW, Toldot Yeshu has it that Christianity was a Jewish creation – Paul was a “plant”, as you may know.

    Yes, within Judaism we speak about public revelation. That is our code. Only if it were undisputable historical fact, we could use it as an argument. It is not. If in your view Judaism depends on this being an undisputable historical fact, you are in serious theological trouble.

    • Moshe says:

      Sorry for the typos. I wrote this very hastily. I was rushing, had a Brit to attend. I intended to write:

      “You are postulating, my very dear friend. Of course there were changes, but your arguments cannot depend on them.”

    • jewishendofdays says:

      The Gospels get their Jewish “feel” because the earliest source texts for at least Mark and Mathew – but not Luke and John – come, in large part, from Jewish apostates.

      As for Paul being a plant, others have it that Peter was the plant. But this is only speculation. It does, however, make sense that the Sages would use a plant to ensure clear bifurcation and demarcation as between Judaism and the apostasy.

      In terms of the Public Revelation, we cannot speak of it in terms of a fact seen with our own eyes. Nor can we understand any of ancient history as such. Everything we have comes from the recorded or chain transmitted testimony of others, be it Jewish, ancient Hindu, or Greek.

      This thus begs the question of the credibility of the testifiers and the plausibility of the testimony.

      For many reasons, I believe in the credibility and plausibility of the testimony that states G-d Publicly Revealed himself to the Jewish People on Mt. Sinai.

      • Moshe says:

        I know you believe it. I also believe it. But I do not think that it is indisputable historical fact, which whould obligate others to accept it. Therefore it is not an argument in the discussion, in my view. That is all. Regarding Toldot Yeshu, I think it is Paul. Wrong names are used to cover up. Do you see how this undermines that Christianity was created by the Romans?

      • Moshe says:

        Regarding the sources from the Jewish apostates. They remind me of Pirkei Avot. I would say that the Jews who wrote it were about as apostate as the average Chabadnik today. Let me ask you a question. Do you think it is possible, or even plausible, that the Romans killed a great Tzaddik about 40 years before the Churban, and that the Sanhedrin was an accomplice?

  13. marie says:

    How do believers in the J-man deal with the following?

    I’m pretty certain that even in the new testament there is this idea that the Moshiach can come at “any time”.. however, according to the teachings of the J-man followers, there is the belief that before the Moshiach can come, first the ‘anti-christ’ must come to sit in the re-built temple (primarily in order to punish the Jews). So, in essence aren’t J-man followers actually anticipating the anti-Moshiach, instead of the Moshiach?

    • Moshe says:

      What want to say is that Christians will fight against Moshiach. It is that, or they will convert to Judaism. Each one has a choice.

    • KFon75 says:

      Marie, I think you are talking about the Christian doctrine of “imminence” in which the Mashiach will come and rapture the true believers off of the face of the earth, which will allow the anti-mashiach to come forth and rule the world from Yerushalayim (abomination of desolation). Then after 7 years of tribulation, Mashiach will come on the clouds of heaven along with His saints to destroy the anti-mashiach. Here in lies the problem. The church claims that in 2 Thessalonians 2 that the falling away comes first, then the man of “Lawlessness” is revealed. It is also believed that “Only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way. Then the lawless one will come. Christians believe, because in other versions of the bible that the falling away means the falling away (of the faith), the rapture has to come first then the anti-mashiach can be revealed. This is supported by what is said, “Only ‘he’ who now restrains will do so until ‘he’ is taken out of the way.” The reference to “he” is the Holy Spirit, in the believer, which shows the believer being taken out of the way (rapture).

      First of all, the falling away is not the falling away “of the faith”, but falling away “from the faith”, apostasy. Yeshua Himself said in Luke 18:8 “When the Son of Man comes, will He find “Faith” on the earth?” The text in 2 Thessalonians 2 also says that the people did not have the love of the truth, to be saved, so G-d would send upon them a deluding influence to believe what is false, in order that they would be judged for not believing the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness, Apostasy. Who then is the “he” that needs to be taken out of the way. Daniel 12 says that Michael the great prince who stands guard over the “sons of your people” (Jews), will arise. And there will be a time of distress such as never occurred since there was a nation until that time… Daniel 12:1a. Michael is the one I believe is the one who is restraining. When he is taken out of the way to do battle with satan in the heavenlies (Revelation 12), then the man of “lawlessness” (without Torah) will be revealed. When Michael and the heavenly host cast satan out of heaven permanently, he (satan) will come down to earth in great wrath and give power to this man of “lawlessness” to make war with the rest of “her children” the Jews, who keep the commandments (Torah) of God and hold to the testimony of Yeshua (Messianic Jews/Gentiles). Yeshua Himself says in Matthew 24:12 “Because “lawalessness” is increased, the love of many will grow cold… apostasy. What he says comes next in verse 15 “the abonination of desolation” is infact the “lawless” one, anti-mashiach.

      Do you realize, that if Yisrael is forced to give up Yerushalayim to the Palestinians, that the next plan is to set up a Khilafa (Caliphate), in non other than Yerushalayim. What is the ultimate goal of Radical Islam? To desolate the Jewish nation, push them into the Mediteranean Sea, wipe them off of the map. Oh by the way, the United States of America too. I believe that Yeshua is saying that “When you see Yerushalayim surrounded by armies (Psalm 83 / Ezekiel 38), then recognize that her ‘desolation’ is near”… Luke 21:20. This is what we are witnessing right before our very eyes. Yeshua Himself said that many would come in His name (using His name). Islam says that Jesus will come back to support the Mahdi in spreading sharia law. In that if you do not convert to Islam, bye bye. I dont know what Jesus they are talking about, because the Yeshua that I learned about is the polar opposite to what islam teaches. Sure He teaches to pick up your cross daily, which many say that He is pushing a god of wood; he is saying that we should consider ourselves dead to the things of this world, daily. Shaul calls it “Living Sacrifice”, in that though we have breath in our bodies, we should be dead to the things of this world. Only then can the Torah come alive in our hearts and take root, this is what i am learning daily. Because the more I seek His truth, the more He reveals. Yeshua came to His own but His own did not recieve Him. I believe this was YHWH’s perfect will to open the doors to a roten gentile like myself, to recieve Him and be introduced to Torah (Romans 11). And I will always praise Him for that. Also, the second part to Daniel 12:1 says “At that time your people, everyone who is found written in the book, will be rescued.” Praise G-d that a gentile like me and countless of others who were foreign to Torah, can be grafted in to the Olive Tree and recorded into His book, through Yeshua. Because the abomination is near so is our redeption. But we have to go through the purification (tribulation) first.

      • KFon75, You put it all together pretty well, I am not too good at writing but I just wanted to say amen to what you wrote. I am one also by Grace, “Grafted In” I love and appreciate the Jewish people and where they are coming from and how they must perceive “Christianity” I really dont blame them, especially when they only see and know of this man made religion. The Christianity that they are only familiar with, is so opposite to what you and I truthfully know in our hearts. And they are being true true to Hashem with all their hearts, being faithful and true with all they have been shown by Hashem and learnt through the Tora..I believe when the right time comes everything will be revealed to them. and I believe their covenant still together with Hashem, and not broken.

  14. Moshe says:

    > the Zohar is included in the “framework” …

    Let me tell you something shocking, to show you that there are counter arguments to the triumphalism that I sense in your argumentations.

    In the same framework that you write about, a complete Perush on the Torah by Ramchal was burned. In the same fire, a Perush of Sepher Kohelet was burned, 3000 pages long. By the Ramchal. Burned by the Gedolim of that generation. As a consequence, these works were lost, unless somehow Talmidim had copies that did not surface yet. I pray you understand what I want to say.

    • jewishendofdays says:

      There were gedolim in the Ramchal’s generation who supported him, and those that did not.

      While in the short-term the framework appeared to have failed, in the long-term the framework performed as it was designed to and ultimately lauded and exalted the greatness of the Holy Ramchal (as the framework did over time for the the Rambam generations before him).

      Thus, the Ramchal is a perfect example of the framework WORKING over time. True greatest is ultimately recognized, notwithstanding short-term (one or two generations) obstacles.

      As for lost books, there is a famous story about the Baba Sali. He was once a prolific writer who maintained several manuscripts. He explained that his manuscripts were stolen, but that he knew precisely who stole them and where they were hidden. He took their theft as a sign that his writings were not to be publicized.

      So too, the Holy Abir Yaakov writes that he had written an entire perush to the Aitz HaChaim, but it was lost when the oil lamp he was learning by turned over and destroyed it. He, too, took this as a sign that his writings where not to be revealed.

      I am only speculating, but based on the statements of these Tzadikim it would be fair to state that the Ramchal would have similar feelings about his “lost” books.

  15. Moshe says:

    Thanks for your reply. Initially Ramchal had some support, in the end (according to what I gather from Iggrot HaRamchal) all rabbinical supporters of name failed him (or had died). The Ramchal was a Tzaddik. Of course it was Hashgacha and he would have seen it this way. And of course it was Hashgacha that Ramchal’s reputation was restored. The Christian might say that really the only thing you can bring against him is that J was rejected by the Jewish sages of his generation, and that the time will come that his reputation will be restored. By arguing in ways that are not fully true, in my view you only strenghten such a position.

    • jewishendofdays says:

      In reply to your recent posts, above – let’s sum this up.

      1. J was rejected by the Sages in EVERY generation. Thus, the argument that he is similar to the Ramchal or Rambam fails.

      2. In terms of har Sinai being an indisputable fact that others are free to believe or deny . . . we live live every day on various beliefs that are formed on the basis of credible testimony and plausibility analysis that generates a statistical probability of whether something is a fact or not. Ultimately, it is so highly improbable that Public Revelation did not happen, it is reckless to live one’s live as if it did not.

      3. It is possible that a corrupt Sanhedrin was complicit with the murder of a Jewish tzaddik, but it is IMPOSSIBLE that Sages like Hillel and Shamai (e.g. the “Pharisees”) would be. Also, your presumption is that J was a tzaddik – I see nothing in the NT that supports that view, but rather, it appears that he was a vindictive megalomaniac who preached “turn the other cheek” to others but failed to do apply the principle to himself.

      In truth, he was a young student from the North who learned impressive means to do “miracles.” He gathered a following of uneducated people in the North who did not understand that the source of his “power” was from the sitra acher. When he hit Yerushalyim, the Sages quickly understood what they were dealing with.

      You see, the problem is that doing miracles like raising the dead WITHOUT prophecy is highly problematic. Prophecy allows the navi to clearly understand the long term impact of his deeds – like Moshe looking “left and right” to see no good descendant would come from the Mitzri before he killed him.

      J arrogantly used powers to do miracles, without knowing their long-term impact. He, like many of his Jewish disciples, yesterday and today, thought he was smarter and more righteous than those “Rabbis”. He did the miracles using forbidden names to attract attention and gain supporters despite the dangers.

      And, as a result, over the next two millennia, MILLIONS and MILLIONS of JEWS were murdered as a result.

      This is why many Sages report that J is liable to the worst Gehinnom – he is responsible for the pain and suffering of all of these Jews. (As it is known, a Jew is judged for the pain and suffering their deeds cause through all of history).

      Perhaps the greatest martyr of Jewish history was Rabbi Akiva. The Romans killed him by peeling off his skin with metal combs over a period of weeks. The pain he endured is unimaginable. His final words, acceptance of G-d’s will with love, “Shema Yisrael HaShem Elokeinu Hashem Echad.” Millions of Jews, many being killed by J’s followers, have followed R. Akiva’s example.

      J’s final words, “Eloka, Eloka, lama t’azveni – G-d, G-d, why have you forsaken me.” No loving acceptance of G-d’s will here (and, if he’s G-d, who’s he talking to, himself?).

      Its amazing that the Nations give this person so much credit so as to believe HE bears our sins? FOR WHAT?

      • Moshe says:

        The Christian tenets are nonsense. I agree. And this is where the discussion with them should be.

        Your criticism about the other cheek is beyond me. I just don’t understand what is your hint. I would agree that it is not Torah in our view, but that is not what you say.

        Your criticism regarding miracles will not convince a single Christian. Your reasoning is circular (as is theirs). If he was not a Tzaddik, something must have been wrong with the miracles and hence he was not a Tzaddik. If he was a Tzaddik, the miracles are only natural. I know you have Chazal in mind. However:

        The fact that the sages of every generation rejected J should in the name of honesty be seen in the light of the rise of Christianity. The Taanot of Chazal against J should be read as code. They are Taanot against Christianity. I am 100 percent convinced that such is the correct Pshat of all Talmud Sugyot regarding J.

        With Toldot Yeshu in mind, you should perhaps reserve judgement about J’s responsibility for what happened in the two millenia. In the name of the truth.

        Should we do Teshuva for what happened to Ramchal? Did we? How many Jews even know about this?

        Ramchal and Rambam are not the only cases. Rav Azarya Di Rossi’s Maor Einayim, for instance, was quasi-banned, quasi because Rav Yosef Karo died (!!) right before he was going to sign. Rav Di Rossi’s ban was because he wrote the truth, I dare say, the status of Rav Karo notwithstanding. He is still not really accepted. Maor Einayim is not printed today. Four centuries already the ban holds more or less. There are others, whose ban succeeded completely. Things are no so simple.

        This was my last word here. Too much to do.

  16. Jim Brown says:

    To think the creator of the universe could be so small minded as to actually require one of his own creations to kill another for a blood sacrifice is so incredibly primitive, it is no wonder idiots still kill each other over religion and believe it or not, there are still those who cannibalize others in the belief that they will capture their spirits. Fools. Let me sprinkle pig blood on you and poke your voodoo doll with a pin. How can people be so ignorant?

  17. KFon75 says:

    Wow, just to let you know, i was the one who published the original comment in regards to Psalm 102 and made the comment that I am a Christian first. With all these negative remarks toward Christianity I just have to say I dont hold to the doctrines of the Roman side of Christianity because I understand that it is satans attempt to destroy the faith from the inside out, but I will not renounce my claims as to the authenticity of the Torah becoming flesh in the person of Yeshua. Dont get me wrong, I fully understand that to Jews YHWH’s oracles were given and that is why Christianity needs to renounce the doctrine of replacement theology becaise it is demonic. I understand the importance of getting back to the teachings and practices of Torah and that is what is being revealed to me daily. True Christianity (Messianic Judaism) is what needs to be practiced by Christians. Even the term “Christian” doesnt sit right with me personally anymore because there is no Jewish connection to the word. But because I grew up with this term and everyone relates the word to the work of Yeshua, I continue to use this label. But the fact remains, I believe in YHWH as the only G-d, He came in the person and the body of Yeshua for the sole purpose of providing a suitable “unblemished” sacrifice for the remission of our sins. How can a sinful mans blood atone for his own sin, when YHWH doesnt delight in the blood of “innocent” bulls and goats? These are merely pictures of what He was going to do Himself. As far as Yeshua’s teaching od “turning the other cheek”, doesnt G-d say “Vengence is mine”? Yeshua is saying to leave vengence to YHWH, which His wrath is about to be poured out.

    You say that only unlearned Jews followed the teachings and examples of Yeshua, what about Nicodemus? Was he not a Pharisee, a devout follower of the Torah? What about Shaul? A Pharisee who wrote most of the Brit Chadasha, trying to lead the gentiles to the truth of Torah, through the work and person of Yeshua. You are right to say that Christianity in it’s current form is foreign, pagan and Roman. Yeshua agrees in that He wrote the 7th letter to the church in Laodicea that they would be lukewarm, apostate. This is why we need to get back to the true root of Christianity, Messianic Judaism, Torah. Yeshua supported Torah, lived Torah and fulfilled Torah; a concept that the western church doesnt preach today. I understand the dangers of recognizing days such as christmas, good friday and easter; and even the big one, not observing Shabbat. Being so saturated in traditions like these its going to be difficult but not impossible to do away with such, mainly christmas. I already teach my family that christmas is not true, but they look forward to the gifts and so praise G-d for His provisions. Good Friday; we know that if palm Sunday was the day that Yeshua rode into Yerushalaim on a donke, the 10th day, then His crucifixion would have been on Thursday, the 14th day, when the passover lamb was to be slain at twillight. So I know the contradictions to some of the teachings are there, thats why we need to get back to the truth of Torah. I personally dont believe that Torah is the plan of Salvation, but we need to obey when YHWH says that these are everlasting covenants to keep, forever. So the church has to realize that it is necessary to observe Torah, not as a means of salvation, but to show outwardly ones love for G-d. After all Yeshua said to His disciples, “If you love Me, keep my commandment.” If Yeshua was Torah made flesh, the we can read it this way, “If you love Me (Torah made flesh), keep my commandments (written Torah)”.

    Maybe I should say that I am a Messianic Gentile. Hopefully that would help.

  18. Cynthia Dunaway says:

    Wow! I do not know you, KFon75, but we read the same scriptures. We have not fed off each other, but from our own independent studies we have very similar understandings. I, too, have a love for Israel and recognize they are the apple of G-d’s eye and YHWH will keep His promises to Israel. I want to say Thank you to the Jewishendofdays for letting KFon75 post. Thank you for this site.

  19. It is not helpful to engage Xanians in religious debate. You will never convince them and they know they dare not even question J****s’ deity. To reject him, they are taught, is the only unforgivable sin and a good Xian must maintain his faith even in the face of apparent absolute proof. For this reason, the argument is bound to just go round and round and will only result in bad feelings. You must realise it is not their fault. They were betrayed by their Early Church Fathers who carefully crafted the hoax upon them by altering the Jewish Scriptures. The amazing thing is that even many of their Theologians are equally hoodwinked.

    Further, Jews who push the so-called Noahide Laws are no better than Xians themselves. There is no biblical command for this and anyone who advocates them is abrogating their responsibility for being a light. Indeed, it is most insulting to us non-Jews as Torah was also offered to the 70 nations. Despite this, most religious Rabbis, save for Chabad, refuse to teach us any Torah!

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