Secret of the “Arab Spring”

Arab Spring. The thought conjures up images of a pleasant sunny day, new grass and pretty flowers, and a refreshing breeze – “clean as a whistle.”

The song of the day for Shabbos reads:

A boor does not know, and a fool does not understand this. As the evildoers bloom like grass, and the sinners blossom – to destroy them forever. (Psalms, 92)

On this verse, R. Chaim Volozin brings the idea that evil is “hidden” and “mixed” within the world.  When one looks at a barren, sun-baked, dusty field, it is impossible to know what is really there.

With rain and sun, bad weeds and poisonous plants reveal themselves from their dark hiding places.

Today, the Nations’ wickedness blossoms in the Arab Spring.

Only to be cut down forever.

G-d willing, the Jewish People will never be forced to wield fearsome violence to defend ourselves, and that the Nations’ own wicked designs will consume them.


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