November 28, 2011

Baruch HaShem! We are in Eretz Yisrael!!!!

We landed almost two weeks ago, and all is well.

I cannot overstate all the kindnesses HaShem has shown to us in every way – great dira, great friends, good new neighbors, great places to learn and pray, lots of good food, business going well in US and my new business in Israel (big investor meeting on Thursday!), and, most importantly, we are all healthy and happy, and three out of four have started school and number four will likely begin tomorrow.

We are in RBS A, and its very beautiful here. A perfect fit for me. There is a ton of diversity and lots of very cool, aspirational people.

All in all, I am so happy to be home. E”Y is just the place to be for me. I walk to shul and see the Jerusalem mountains and just cannot believe we actually live in E”Y!!

G-d willing, all yissurim should be kal, and we should merit making a kinyan of the land.

The land is very, very good!!




#1 on Google for Search – Edom Paras

November 10, 2011

B”H, is #1 for the search –  Edom Paras! Since things are really heating up in this area, here are links to previous posts. There really isn’t too much more to say . . .

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Why Edom vs. Paras?

As my Rebbe, Reb Yisrael Simcha Schorr recently told me, “Things are happening!

And his response to my question of whether it is irresponsible to move my family to E”Y at this time, “It is not irresponsible. You will be there to greet p’ne Moshiach.


Yishmael – Blessings for the Unworthy

November 6, 2011

What is the secret of Yishmael’s blessings? How is it that they have so much wealth with so little effort (it costs $5 a barrel to pump and distribute oil from Saudi Arabia – and they sell it for $80 – great business!)

It is well known that Yishma’el means “G-d will listen”.

If we delve deeper into the name, we see that the name of G-d in Yishma’el’s name is “El”. Kabbalistically, this name is associated with the attribute of chesed – pure, unrestrained kindness. (“Chesed El kol ha’yom”). Chesed is kindness even for those completely undeserving.

There is no more completely undeserving actor on the world stage today than Yishmael – this nation is absolutely wicked – but, because the source of their blessing is chesed, they receive tremendous blessing even though they are completely unworthy of it.

Thus, we should rejoice when we see Yishmael receive his blessings – the greater the blessing, the greater the unworthiness, and the greater the ultimate and fierce divine judgment.


G-d willing, my family and I are moving to E”Y next week. It took about three years of planning, but we’re finally moving!

Please, dear readers (if you are still around), please pray for our family’s success!!