Yishmael – Blessings for the Unworthy

What is the secret of Yishmael’s blessings? How is it that they have so much wealth with so little effort (it costs $5 a barrel to pump and distribute oil from Saudi Arabia – and they sell it for $80 – great business!)

It is well known that Yishma’el means “G-d will listen”.

If we delve deeper into the name, we see that the name of G-d in Yishma’el’s name is “El”. Kabbalistically, this name is associated with the attribute of chesed – pure, unrestrained kindness. (“Chesed El kol ha’yom”). Chesed is kindness even for those completely undeserving.

There is no more completely undeserving actor on the world stage today than Yishmael – this nation is absolutely wicked – but, because the source of their blessing is chesed, they receive tremendous blessing even though they are completely unworthy of it.

Thus, we should rejoice when we see Yishmael receive his blessings – the greater the blessing, the greater the unworthiness, and the greater the ultimate and fierce divine judgment.


G-d willing, my family and I are moving to E”Y next week. It took about three years of planning, but we’re finally moving!

Please, dear readers (if you are still around), please pray for our family’s success!!



12 Responses to Yishmael – Blessings for the Unworthy

  1. devorah says:

    Wishing you much success in your aliyah.

  2. I’m still here.

    Aliyah.. Great!! Prayers.. You got it!

    Just a little note,I noticed it is written that “G-d [will] listen.” Unfortunately I do not know Hebrew/ how to translate and understand this in it’s full context- but since there is a difference between saying “G-d listens”..as in “G-d is listening”.. or more specific, “G-d is always listening”.. versus “G-d will listen” which is future tense,, just wondering why it is translated this way? If anyone knows why and wants to explain, I’m all ears (no pun intended, lol).

  3. I decided I could not wait and had to try and find the answer to my above question, I googled and found it,

    “The Pirkei D’rav Eliezer (an early Midrash composed about 100CE) asks why Ishmael’s name is constructed in the future tense, G-d will hear, rather than in the past tense? The Midrash suggests that the future tense implies that the cries of G-d’s people who are suffering at the hand of Ishmael will be heard by G-d. “Yishmael,” means that the prayers of the Jews will be heard and will be answered.”

    I now remember that I have heard this before, not sure how I could have forgotten it, but am glad to be reminded of it!

  4. Reuven says:

    Hashem should bless you with a yishuv tov! Where will you be settlilng?

  5. sk says:

    May Hashem bless you on your upcoming aliyah. Kol hakavod for heeding Hashem’s call to come home!

  6. Susan Dulce says:

    How wonderful it is to hear your good news, and how good it is that another Jewish family is coming home! May you have a safe, beautiful and sucessful homecoming!

  7. neshama says:

    I thought you had already moved here, and were in the beginning of getting settled, and that’s why we didn’t hear from you?
    But now we know, it was the final month or so of packing up your life that has taken so long. Of course, we wish you Hatzlacha and a smooth klita (at least as smooth as it can be).

  8. yaak says:

    Hatzlaha Rabba!

  9. jewishem says:

    Kol HaKavod! May all of HaShem’s blessings be upon you and your Mispacha! Please tell us all of the great and not so great things that oocur on your Journey!

    All the best!

    Avi Rudofsky

  10. ZP says:

    I second that Yaak!

    Please post when you are able!

  11. hezbos says:

    I heard it said from rather reliable sources, although I shall look further into this matter, that the Rebbe (of Lubavitch) said that the “Palestinians” are – in no way – ancestors of Yishmael, but rather ?Edomites, or ?Amalekites – but not Yishmaelites. I will subscribe to further notifications on this topic to remind me to further pursue the source of this.

  12. hezbos says:

    Maybe that source will also refer to the Arabs of surrounding areas, such as Saudi Arabia.

    (I heard a rabbi in Israel a decade ago attribute the good luck Arabs have had to the fact that they had been doing the Brit Milah (albeit not as we Jews do) at an age later than we do. But, he said, that luck has changed in our favor, or has been cancelled out, by the Russians who have returned to the Torah fold and in the process volunteered to have their Brit Milah at advanced ages.)

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