Baruch HaShem! We are in Eretz Yisrael!!!!

We landed almost two weeks ago, and all is well.

I cannot overstate all the kindnesses HaShem has shown to us in every way – great dira, great friends, good new neighbors, great places to learn and pray, lots of good food, business going well in US and my new business in Israel (big investor meeting on Thursday!), and, most importantly, we are all healthy and happy, and three out of four have started school and number four will likely begin tomorrow.

We are in RBS A, and its very beautiful here. A perfect fit for me. There is a ton of diversity and lots of very cool, aspirational people.

All in all, I am so happy to be home. E”Y is just the place to be for me. I walk to shul and see the Jerusalem mountains and just cannot believe we actually live in E”Y!!

G-d willing, all yissurim should be kal, and we should merit making a kinyan of the land.

The land is very, very good!!




21 Responses to Aliyah!

  1. Devorah says:

    Mazal Tov on your aliyah. May you and the family be blessed with good and may you inspire others to take the same step.

  2. naftules says:

    ha nice !! ive been here 7 years and I still that way about the Jerusalem hills !!! There is no torah like Torah Eretz Israel !!!!

  3. neshama says:

    Welcome Home!

    We (olim) hope you and your family have made a big impression on friends and acquaintances you left behind. Keep in mind always, Emunah, Bitachon, and savlanut. You are now under a very different hashgacha pratis.

  4. stillwaters580 says:

    Baruch HaShem!

    Glad for this news!.. and looking forward to hearing more!

  5. Orit Riter says:

    Mazal Tov! We know exactly how you feel. Been here 2 yrs. and still cry when I look out my balcony. All those years in the States, our physical being was there, but our neshama was always here… You will enjoy every second living here, no doubt.

    May we all greet Mashiach Tzedkeinu B’mheira, B’rachamim U’Bsimcha, Amen!

  6. yehudit says:

    Pray for us out here, we whose houses are upside down, bank acct’s are emptying out like water that we won’t have the humiliation of coming home to Eretz Israel in poverty, that Hashem will have mercy on us.

  7. baruchhashem says:

    Israel is acquired only through suffering. The first 2 weeks is nothing. Your journey has not yet begun. There are many things olim and Nefesh B’Nefesh don’t tell you — they let you experience them yourselves, the Israeli way. He..he.. he…

    • jewishendofdays says:

      I hear you, and I pray all yissurim are kalim.

      And the only thing I do know is that there is much more that I don’t know than what I do know.

      And, please, let me know what they “didn’t tell me” – if it could help me be successful.

      • baruchhashem says:

        Olim chalashim (weak olim) always getting sick
        cholim chadashim (new sick people)

        new country, new germs, new sicknesses

        culture shock, visit to the doctor at the kupat cholim is like being transported to a third world country, long lines, anybody can cut you off without apptment, sometimes the doctor cut you off and take another patient without apptment, sometimes doctor (specialists especially) don’t speak good English, sometimes you have to pay out-of-pocket to the doctor instead of waiting for months to get your apptment, third world socialist medicine

        if your hebrew is not so good, sometimes you will get cheated by the merchants

        very hard to get hold of Bezeq to call you back, or even speak to a Bezeq (or any other sales rep) in English

        olim gets second class treatment
        very strong anti-American sentiment in Israel, even the kindergartner teachers voice their anger publicly to the class

        NBN and many olim (not all) want you to integrate into Israeli culture right away

        if you have children in school, they should get Karate lessons, as physical fights are the norm, the perpetrators know how to fight as they take lessons, depending on where you are, there might be other olim teaching judo/jujitzu/what have you to girls and boys. Schools don’t want to get involved.

        don’t go to the police — they don’t help, sometimes they arrest you instead since they side with the locals who speak Hebrew and the Arabs

        worker strikes are very common, be prepared to find alternate transportation to work

        do not enroll in automated electronic payment to utilities in your bank, when you want to stop payment, the system is broken and your vendors still get paid. Bezeq is notorius for continuously collecting payment even after you cancel their service.

        The Israeli Doar (postal service) collects custom taxes on anything imported, even if the value is less than $20. Mailing things out of Israel is affordable though.

        Have plenty of small change when you ride a bus — bus driver hates making change

        many many more …

        welcome home!

  8. baruchhashem says:

    What are you kidding? The poverty is worse in Israel than in the USA.

  9. Alice says:

    Mazal tov on your aliya. Ignore the naysayers. Good luck with everything. The two most important things are patience and emuna, and not comparing Israel to back where you came from.

    My best tip is to say the prayer for success of the Shlach Hakadosh zatzal, every time I have to do errands, make a business phonecall etc. The more you bring Hashem into your life the more He will help you. Let me know if you can find the prayer (it’s in the anenu book). If you don’t have it I will type it out when I have time.

  10. Leah says:

    Mazel tov! May you go from strength to strength and may we all, too!

  11. SR says:

    Welcome home!!! Relax, and let Hashem do the driving. Eretz Yisrael welcomes her returning children with open arms and vast doses of hashgacha pratit. All you have to do is be open enough to integrate all the love that Hashem will bestow upon you and your family! Much hatzlacha and simcha for your and your family!

  12. baruchhashem says:

    Where in RBS A are you?

  13. baruchhashem says:

    There are so many American kids/teenagers off the derech in RBS A. IT’s very sad. On Shabbos you see them around a lot, as they hang out late on Friday nights at the various parks around town. Boys and girls mingling without shame, talking loudly, smoking, drinking, disturbing the peace of Shabbos. It gets worse at Purim time.

  14. baruchhashem says:

    The Torah in EY is one-sided, always blaming the Diaspora Jews for not wanting to come home, but at the same time, they keep seeking handouts from those “rich” diaspora Jews.

  15. Cosmic X says:

    ברוכים הבאים

  16. As a fellow blogger at, I wish you a hearty Mazel Tov. Personally, I made Aliyah virtually seven years ago, and if I wouldn’t consider living in Yerushalayim, B’Ezrat Hashem, or have other personal situations, Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph would be my favorite place to live. Feel free to write back to me. Shimon

  17. adamwaves says:

    Hatzlacha raba to you and the Mrs!
    Adam and Andrea in Monsey

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