Aliya – Almost 4 Weeks In

December 12, 2011

BH, all is well here. It is impossible to overstate the kindness of HaShem in every way.

The land is very, very good.

Yesterday, my wife and I were finally able to head to Yerushalyim. Door to Kotel in 45 minutes – Hayinu k’cholmim – We were like dreamers.

BH, RBS A is very nice. Lots of very cool, aspirational people willing and wanting to help – and a person needs lots of that. Good places to pray and learn. And finding the cheap places to shop (key here – things are, in general, more expensive than the states).

BH, all the kids are in school, and really enjoying it. A tremendous chesed. I am really proud of each of them.

BH, we’ve already experienced a bit of “holeh hadash” – and made it through – so far, chick-chock. Likely a function of being in RBS A where the merchants have discovered that good customer service does, in fact, increase the bottom line (as does honesty).

And in terms of End of Days. . . tensions between Russia and America increase. Given the parsha last week, it makes sense.

B’emet, once a person is here in Israel one loses the desire to catch up on news – after all, those who desire the land no longer have to be satisfied with phone calls to their few friends here and the “media lens”. But rather, ones entire life and being┬áis connected to the land.

I pray every day that my family should have the continued ability to stay in the land. I deeply appreciate all of this blog’s readers’ prayers and blessings, and pray that all of you should have the ability to come to the land standing straight.