Hareidi Zealots – No More Excuses

January 2, 2012

First, if I didn’t hear about these “hafganot” in the media, I wouldn’t even know they’re going on.

But, being connected to the Moshiach blogosphere . . . I do.

Last week, the very morning after viewing the very disturbing Channel 2 piece featuring the Beit Shemesh lady and her daughter,  I went to Holy Bagel and ran smack into the lady who was in the video! She’s totally frum! I was able  to give her words of hizuk, and empathized with her plight.

Frankly, this whole fiasco makes me sick. There is no question we are dealing with Erev Zeir here.

And, also frankly, I just do not understand why “my” Ashekenazi charedi gedolim leaders aren’t physically and verbally taking real stands – its hard not to feel our leadership is tacitly complicit or just plan enfeebled.  I mean, we’re talking about assault on 8 year olds in the name of halacha!

The “excuse” I hear is that these people wouldn’t listen anyway, and this is just another page in longstanding issues with the zealots. But so what?! What about the Jews who are suffering? There’s no question if Gadol X or Y was to call for a rally in support of these assaulted Jews, thousands would respond and it would be a great kiddush HaShem.

Perhaps these Gedolim know the emperor wears no clothes – and that if they rallied, the majority of Hareidim would fail to respond, or worse, mock and scorn – but so what!! That’s a political, not a moral consideration.

I hope I’m missing something here – if I am, please, readers, let me know!!  I really want to dan l’caf scut!

My only prayer is . . . “HaShem, please take tongs and remove the snake, without smashing the honey-pot‘.

My other prayer is, “Please HaShem, please put it into the hearts and minds of our leaders that the most important mitzvah of all in these dangerous times is ACHDUT! “