Hareidi Zealots – No More Excuses

First, if I didn’t hear about these “hafganot” in the media, I wouldn’t even know they’re going on.

But, being connected to the Moshiach blogosphere . . . I do.

Last week, the very morning after viewing the very disturbing Channel 2 piece featuring the Beit Shemesh lady and her daughter,  I went to Holy Bagel and ran smack into the lady who was in the video! She’s totally frum! I was able  to give her words of hizuk, and empathized with her plight.

Frankly, this whole fiasco makes me sick. There is no question we are dealing with Erev Zeir here.

And, also frankly, I just do not understand why “my” Ashekenazi charedi gedolim leaders aren’t physically and verbally taking real stands – its hard not to feel our leadership is tacitly complicit or just plan enfeebled.  I mean, we’re talking about assault on 8 year olds in the name of halacha!

The “excuse” I hear is that these people wouldn’t listen anyway, and this is just another page in longstanding issues with the zealots. But so what?! What about the Jews who are suffering? There’s no question if Gadol X or Y was to call for a rally in support of these assaulted Jews, thousands would respond and it would be a great kiddush HaShem.

Perhaps these Gedolim know the emperor wears no clothes – and that if they rallied, the majority of Hareidim would fail to respond, or worse, mock and scorn – but so what!! That’s a political, not a moral consideration.

I hope I’m missing something here – if I am, please, readers, let me know!!  I really want to dan l’caf scut!

My only prayer is . . . “HaShem, please take tongs and remove the snake, without smashing the honey-pot‘.

My other prayer is, “Please HaShem, please put it into the hearts and minds of our leaders that the most important mitzvah of all in these dangerous times is ACHDUT! “




28 Responses to Hareidi Zealots – No More Excuses

  1. Neshama says:

    There is much more going on than this. I think the leaders are mum because they are at odds with each other. A few things: remember the fight over housing in MS? Between two chassidus groups? Also, there is a battle going on between Yated and Mishpacha (new weeklies!), and Willie has been brought into the fore. That’s another chassidus entering the fray. There is a splintering within the larger body of religious. This just might lead to a ‘crack in the wall’ of rigidity. Something positive has to come out of this, even if only for the one’s who are afraid to speak up.

  2. Naftules says:

    yeah whats going on with the leadership .. new story??? not really.
    You read this blog ever … had something interesting related to the idea you mentioned ….http://www.chazonhatorah.org/the-time-of-our-simcha.htm

  3. I think that the following link will best answer the dilemma posed here http://www.rationalistjudaism.com/2011/12/spitting-on-girls-is-not-main-problem.html. Of course if Rabbi Meir Kahane HY”D would be around, he would be protesting for the rights of any Jewish institution – regardless of what level of Judaism being represented. In the early days of JDL, Rabbi Kahane held a demonstration in front of a Reform temple against the anti-Semites who had attacked this place, for the simple reason that anti-Semites were targeting a Jewish institution, regardless of its halachic standards. How many of the rabbis in question can even name one book that Rabbi Kahane authored, let alone if they ever even opened one such book – one book that would show them the truth if they truly wanted to know and act upon Torah truth?

  4. Naftules says:

    A certain midrash says that “everything that happened to yosef will happen to zion” Zion representing the jewish peoples geula.
    And Just like the Brothers ( torah leaders of their day)could not see Yosef was a center piece of their geula , and even when they finally realized it when he was vicero in egypt , their jaws dropped in disbelief for they still could not believe it … so it is with the Haredi world today and how they see and will see stat of Israel…. They will stare in utter disbelief as the geula happens before their eyes thru a means they cannot comprehend. Their jaws will fall to the floor as they stare at Geula being realized thru their worthless brother the “zionist” and the State that brought Jewish Soveirgnty to Eretz Israel.

    • jewishendofdays says:

      100% agreed. See my post from last year. MBY and MBD

    • Abe says:


      I just like to say, that I have been Charedi my whole life, made Aliyah with in 2004 as a working man and now I am learning full-time in a Yeshivah. (go try to figure the ways of G-d !)

      With that said, I would like to inform you that I have been thinking along your wave length for quite a long time. I also feel that I should say that most Charedim are very upset with this “above the law” Tznius propaganda, and feel that these protestors need to be stopped. Unfortunately the Rabbanim who could stop this charade (ie. Gedolei Hador), will more then like not do so as (believe it or not!) they probably don’t even know that these problems exist! As all they do know is told to them by their Gabbaim, who ofcourse censor what they want. (This has happened may times in the past, most recently the fact that R’ Eliyashiv didn’t even know that his daughter was Nifter!) Local Rabbanim will definitely not get involved as that could likely put themselves in a physically dangerous situation. As mentioned here http://www.mpaths.com/2011/12/bad-charedi-bad.html Think of these NK (ie. Protestors) as the Mafia, as that is what they are! In fact they are actually quite well funded. See (shttp://sultanknish.blogspot.com/2011/12/soros-latest-israel-project.html . Which also shows, that the real aim of these people is to bring down EY, Chas VaSholom, and what a better way to do it , then through Sinas Chinam, as how the the last time we were kicked out of EY. Also see this recent post http://lazerbrody.typepad.com/lazer_beams/2012/01/jaccuse.html

      So personally me, and I know many others, are working very hard on brushing up on our Ahavas Chinam. And who knows, if we Actually handle this Nisoyin well, maybe this Will bring the Geulah! Amen!

  5. er says:

    The amount of time and energy spent on this media bashing of Harediim is absurd. I am NOT haredi, but I am sick and tired of the extremist left media catastrophizing over a few rare extremist Harediim who at WORST yell and spit when their are Jewish girls, some as young as 12, being rape3d and kidnapped by Arabs in the South and north and the media IGNORES it! Is this issue REALLY the most pressing of our time? YES the Harediim doing this ARE jerks, but this is only SOME of them, and this is NOT a threat like the one we face from the Leftist run media and courts. Let us not allow “divide and conquer; UNITY is what the Jewish people need above ALL else. Do NOT be distracted by the medias sensatyionalizinbg EVERY THING they can find wrong with anyone religious. They are NOT doing this out of concern for ‘justice’ or to benefit the state, it is simply another attempot to attack anyone religious.

    • jewishendofdays says:

      The point here is that the push for unity MUST come from the HAREDI side. And, frankly, its not. When is the last time you saw a headline, in a Haredi newspaper, stressing, in the name of an accepted gadol – that UNITY AND LOVING OUR BROTHER, RELIGIOUS OR OTHERWISE, IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AVODAH A JEW CAN DO TODAY!

      I haven’t see it – it seems to me only the Daati Rabbis preach unity and love as the most core value. Although the great Haredi Rabbis R. Hillel and R. Akiva did so too once upon a time!

  6. baruchhashem says:

    “First, if I didn’t hear about these “hafganot” in the media, I wouldn’t even know they’re going on.”

    This is correct, just because you live in EY, doesn’t mean that you are connected to the events in your backyard.

    Do you know if Mrs. Margolese has a husband? Where is he in all of this? Why does Mrs. Margolese wear short tight skirts above the knees sometimes and is labeled frum? Maybe from all of this, she has realized that she needs to be more modest than she has been. The “spitting” by Charedim has no evidence. Were they targeting her or her daughter? It looks her daughter is more “modest” than her. If you’ve seen her on Israel TV interviews, she looks like she’s unmarried. I believe she’s the one being targeted and not her daughter.

    • jewishendofdays says:

      When I met Mrs. Margolese in the Bagel store, she was looking frum to me (not that I looked davka below her waist to check!). Her hair was covered with a hat and a fall.

      And forget about the spitting, yelling at a mother “zona” (WHORE!!) in front of her young daughter is even WORSE than spitting. “Sticks and stones (and spit) may break my bones, but words can kill me!”

      Stop with the excuses people. The Haredi world needs to take responsibility here for bad output!! The “its the media’s fault” stuff reminds me of my 7 year old who misbehaves, gets punished, and blames the parents for “unfairly” punishing them.

      Stop being babies!!

      • jewishendofdays says:

        And, btw, I love Haredi people, and I dress in black and white most days, and my kids go to “Haredi-light” schools, but I think they need to wake up and admit that, just like everybody else, they’ve got issues they need to work on!

    • Ariela says:

      WHY ARE YOU EVEN LOOKING? STOP IT! LOOK IN THE MIRROR ONLY! This is not frum actions, fact is the is jew on jew hatred, and it must stop. In order for it to stop. One must 1.STOP LOOKING
      2. Start looking in the MIRROR!

  7. baruchhashem says:

    It\’s nice to know where the Jewish bloggers are in the space of Orthodoxy. Thanks for admitting that you are not Charedi.

    Your viewers should watch the video http://youtu.be/zqJRMBGrbBY and see how Mrs Margolese dress taking her daughter to school. Tight top, tight skirt, slit on back, above the knee and boots. Na\’ama is dressed more modestly. It\’s the mother. Where is the father?

    I have not seen any evidence of spitting — only hearsay. It\’s easy to fault the Charedim for everything.

    • Ariela says:


  8. Esther says:

    My dear Jews,
    Reading these comments is not exactly showing ACHDUT from your side. Please allow us to understand one another and help each other, love one another simply because we are all children of HKB”H and must only live by our HOLY TORAH! There will always be those who put on an act, but a person must know for himself what kind of a Jew he is and that each and every one of us will need to answer HIM on the judgment day…I thank you for everything…Hashem should protect and save Am Yisroel in such difficult challenging times! Kol Tov!

  9. michal says:

    Ok. I followed the link and saw the mother. I’m charedi (although many would disqualify me for using the computer:)). I”m sorry, but the mother looks like a tart….mamash. No way she looks frum. Not saying people should insult her. That’s a Chillul Hashem, and the daughter is the real victim (of the mother, the spitter, and slanderers). I feel badly for the daughter to have her mother dressing so provocatively (I’m female btw).

    • jewishendofdays says:

      Funny, I ran into the mother a second time at ACE yesterday. She is frum. Yes, maybe her skirt’s at her knees, but in her MO circles that’s considered frum.

      But in any event, the parent of a child who is spit on IS A VICTIM TOO. Just imagine how you would feel if people called your daughter a WHORE and a SLUT every day she walks to school (forget about the spitting). I would definitely do whatever it takes to solve the problem, including going to the media.

      If my kid’s getting hurt, and the “Torah Leadership” can’t stop it – that stinks, but a parent’s gotta do what they gotta do.

      And guess what? Going to the media worked, the assaults stopped.

  10. michal says:

    Look, if the mother wants to do whatever she can to protect her daughter, she should try tznius. Tznius REALLY will protect her daughter. From what I can see the daughter is quite tznius. I’m well aware of modern orthodox standards and this mother really is “barely” there. I’ve always thought many of the moderns are more tznius as they wear looser clothing generally (hippy style). Give me a break. No way I’d want this mother around my husband or adult, teen male children. Still not justifying the abuse, but I think she likes the limelight and her 15 min. of fame. Let’s put on our “emes” lenses.

    • jewishendofdays says:

      Again, you miss the point. Nobody was helping these parents stop the horrible verbal assaults. They went to the media. The assaults stopped. Can you blame them?

      Tell me, please, what could this family do to stop the assaults if not go to the media?

  11. michal says:

    BTW, where is the father????!!! I mean really. What kind of father throws his women to the media and spitters/slanderers? Something is not right here. Kishka check.

    • jewishendofdays says:

      Mommies walk their kids to school – its that simple. Leave this lady alone. Even if mom or daughter wore a t-shirt and shorts, these hooligans are wicked for calling ANY 8 YEAR OLD JEWISH GIRL A WHORE AND A SLUT!

  12. Neshama says:

    Have not heard from you in a while. How is the klita going? What is happening with you and family?

  13. Baruch Hashem says:

    Mrs Margolese is not the only one dressed like a harlot. All the other Modern Orthodox imports from USA and the local traditional Israelis who live in that neighborhood dress like that. They are the ones who want to assert themselves in the Charedi neighborhood, including the seculars. Just because the media supports them, I am sure Hashem does not support them. That’s why the threat from Haman, our neighbor is still legid. In addition, threats from our Yishameli cousins whose women dress more modestly continue to loom over our heads to remind us that we fail in this aspect of tznius. The Charedim have been consistent in their way of living a Torah lifestyle. The Modern Charedim and Modern Orthodox want to change all that to conform with a modern worldview. That’s the problem.

  14. Joe says:

    Wow! while the Zionists are corrupting us in every way, a Chasid is spitting on a 8 year old. The world is really going under…

  15. Ploni says:

    The Torah does not forbid spitting. Look it up in Chumash — when Miriam was punished with tzora’as, what did Hashem say? Like a father who’s spitting at her daughter. Spitting is showing disgust at the actions of a Bas Yisrael, who should take tznius more seriously — chinuch comes from the parents.

  16. Joe says:

    I’m sorry for the mispost.

    Ploni, Absolutely! That was what I meant.

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