True Then, True Now

With all the rumors of war between Edom, Israel, and Paras, what was true when I wrote this article almost two years ago is even more true today.

Israel Being Set Up?

BTW, aliyah continues to go well. Not easy sometimes, especially seeing so many people around you struggling so very hard just to make ends meet and struggling provide their children with a good life in a very complex society constantly under threat and pressure from enemies outside and from within. I see some very good folks in pretty scary predicaments, and realize that there is no way to comprehend what I see. This is a land of faith.

Kol ha’kavod to Israelis who stay here but have the option to make more money elsewhere.

And super Kol ha’kavod to people who leave comfortable lives and their families in distant USA to live here.

HaShem should give us all a bracha and a yeshua!


One Response to True Then, True Now

  1. Gulf War Yid says:

    Option to make money elsewhere? Where would that be, exactly? That’s the myth of the greener grass…how quickly they forget the recession in America…

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