Kiss A Rock!!

March 19, 2012

Now over three months into Aliyah, B”H, things are well.  HaShem is really helping us in so many ways big and small.

That said, I am ever more aware of the forces around me (galus Edom, starring Yishmael and Erev Rav, with special guest star, Erev Zeir!).

For me, the only way to deal with the klipot of corruption here  is to connect to the land.

By that I mean to look at the physical land of Israel itself. Not the people, not the politics and geopolitics, not the hashkofas, not the end of days – but Eretz Yisrael – the soil, the rocks.

To feel and see its true infinite value, and to get simcha from it.  And to relish the opportunity to eat its holy, pure produce.(for the first few months here, I had freshly ground wheat from Yavniel in the Galil that was a wonder – I ate it every Shabbat – 95% of the wheat is imported here, and its very hard to find wheat from E”Y for baking – most is used in matzah or exported – so to make ha’motzei on true lechem min haaretz is a rare treat)

“The land is very, very good.”

Just walking along the street here I look at the dirt, and the rocks strewn on the ground. This is it. This is Eretz Yisrael!

I think the best eitzah for anybody living here and feeling the lahatz (pressure) of Israeli life is to bend down, pick up a nice beautiful rock of E”Y in one’s hand, and give it a loving kiss!!

Don’t go crazy – kiss a rock!!