Read All About It!

Some headlines in today’s news (without links and with my “adjustment”)

Assad Facing Intense Pressure from Edom-Yishmael Alliance

Hamas Blows Off Iran, Joining Edom-Yishmael Alliance

Erev Rav Let’s Jews Fend For Themselves, Prelude to Pullout For Edom Peacekeeping Force

Obama Facing Defeat, Launches Strike Against Paras

Obama Sensing Victory, Forces Israel To Strike First Against Paras

Edom Intervenes And Crushes Paras, Blames Israel For Failing To Allow Diplomacy Take Its Course

Edom Demands Israel Make Peace, Claims Paras No Longer A Threat

Stay tuned for more . . .

2 Responses to Read All About It!

  1. just wait the next 60 days chodesh av & rav kaduri said moshiach will be here

  2. neshama says:

    a bit schizophrenic, no?

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