My Guess? – All Hail To The Emperor!

The Talmud is very clear that there will be a war of Edom v. Paras.  I have been unable to locate any source that shows some type of “Jewish” involvement in this war.

Thus, my guess is that all the media chatter about the Bibi-Obama split is a massive misinformation campaign. In fact, the US is getting ready to strike (they have just moved a third carrier group into the gulf).

If, before the election, the US strikes and destroys Iran’s nuke capability swiftly, forcefully, and with few casualties, PBO will surely win the election.

As in Edom, the leader who wins wars becomes Emperor – look out America!

And Paras’ fall sets the stage for the Gog v’Mgog, the final partnership of Edom & Yishmael to seize the Temple Mount from the Jews, “legally”,  and forever (G-d forbid).

6 Responses to My Guess? – All Hail To The Emperor!

  1. Chava says:

    I don’t know, I still have a hard time believing the POTUS will get into this. Time will tell!

  2. Raz Rosh says:

    Raz Rosh , here:
    If this happens as in the Cold War-since Cuban Crisis-they always made trade offs. So then Russia wil, move on a European country or Central America and –take what is theirs. DEAL? OK. Go for it.So just a Martial Law Executive Order stand

  3. jewishem says:

    My son responded:

    I think it’s extremely unlikely that the Obama Administration (or any White House) is voluntarily going to embroil itself into another Middle Eastern conflagration unless its hand is absolutely forced.

    Foreign nations (Israel, especially) that want to apply direct or indirect pressure on the United States and its allies, to engage in acts war against states for committing crimes we are all guilty of (nuclear proliferation) will undoubtedly fail.

    Israel is almost certainly going to act unilaterally out of perceived self-interest, and the United States intends, I suspect, to be prepared for the shit-storm of oil price spiking, terrorist bombings and other nightmarish violence that will follow — especially because we’ll probably be forced to support Israel’s attack as a necessary act of self-defense.

  4. neshama says:

    I don’t believe Israel will do this, as it will provoke the ‘neighbors’ to attack her. I don’t think the PM could live with the disaster results, if any. As a pre-emptive or defensive war, for sure HaShem will intercede. But a provocation ….

  5. naftules says:

    tzedek is right, Israel is being forced to start a war that the west wants. The west knows they have the perfect scapegoat.

    then the west can freely get what they want and need and blame israel for all of the shit-storm…as we see in jewishems’s son comment, who is already blaming israel, and his gas prices havent even gone up yet ilke they will, i image then the real anti-israel spewing will come like a flood.

  6. ME says:

    Think good and it WILL be good. Why all this worry of some catastrophe. The Holocaust was the last one we’ll have encountered. From now on my fellow bloggers and commenters – it’s Moshiach times!

    Here’s an example of it, if you can bear changing your perspective from grim to happy:

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