Jews Like Red Herring

I’m no Romney fan (but I have personally confirmed that he is a straight-shooter and trustworthy from those who have done business with him), but it just amazes me how stupid the majority of American Jews are on this one.

I spoke with my best friend from LA last week. He’s non-religious, and a senior exec at a major consumer internet company. He tells me he voted for Obama, “I’m sorry dude, but I voted for Obama.”

I asked him why, “. . . (mumble, hesitation). . . Ahh. Because I don’t like Romney because he’s against women’s rights, like Abortion.”

Because of Abortion??? As if Romney would ever destroy himself politically by trying to cram a  pro-life Supreme Court nomination through the Senate? Think Robert Bork. It would never happen. Its just stupid to think so.

The Jews are so smart. But they’re just so unsophisticated when it comes to politics. They are stuck in a 50’s liberal mindset, and really do trust the big media. Crazy!

But I guess the Jews like their wine-soaked, “Matshes”  red herring.

I am sure I share with many of you out there than the birth pangs are really going to rapidly accelerate if PBO wins.  America will likely fall off the “fiscal cliff” concurrent with a full court press to divide Jerusalem, with all the resulting instability.

I can only say that we really need G-d’s loving-kindness and mercy to get us out of this jamb.

A loving-kindness that we cannot fathom, and that we haven’t experienced since the Redemption from Egypt.

8 Responses to Jews Like Red Herring

  1. Menachem says:

    Romney is involved with the Bush Cabal helping him bring in the extremely evil New World Order. I have absolute proof of this; and, I can tell you that Romney is a great deception and very dangerous to the world, especially the Jews. If you want to gamble that I don’t know what I am talking about, you will suffer.
    Turn to Hashem, not people for salvation and don’t vote Amalek into office.

    • jewishendofdays says:

      Would love to hear your absolute proof, but the point is moot now.

      Its amazing how the Cabal “lost” this time.

      Me thinks differently than you – the Cabal of Amalek just won.

    • RJ says:

      And Obama is not? REALLY? Obama is not only a Muslim, he is the worst kind of traitor because he lies about who he really is and what he really intends. His mother was a CIA operative, he is related to Bush and Cheney and he means to destroy Israel. Don’t you listen? He will first destroy the US which will in turn attempt to destroy Israel. Anyone with a little common sense would see it…The story of Sodom and Gomorra fits and YES HalleluYAH! This will usher in the Melech Tsadik!!!
      As far as Romney…at the VERY least Romney does not RUE Israel and he is a bonafide citizen. Besides any of this…Yerimeyahu 17:5 warns…do not put your trust in MERE HUMANS!!!
      Now we get the opportunity to find out how truly EVIL Obama is.
      He and his ilk just got started with the complete dismantling and will carry on Bush’s work and wars. If you think he s not like the rest of them…I have some swampland in Florida I’d like to discuss with you!

  2. Menachem.. ok, but now fill us in on the Obama Cabal since he won.

  3. Israel will be ok.. it is America that needs to worry, especially now after tonight. Oy Vey!

  4. yu says:

    I’m “sorry dude”, but your friend is a traitor to the Jewish people and Israel

  5. Jennifer says:

    How close are Jews to G-d if they want to elect a politician in order to continue the unjust right to kill an unborn child made in the likeness and image of G-d?

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