Forced To Flee!

For all those wondering if the State of Israel will pull Jews out of Judea/Samaria like it did in Gaza, its not going to happen.

But rather, tragically, for our sins, they will likely be forced out by the wicked Nations.

Israeli troops fleeing from rock throwers is likely a sign of things to come.

For my best guess about what’s coming down the road, please read this post from two years ago, Preview of What’s to Come. What is written is scarily coming to pass.

Happy Hanuka!


5 Responses to Forced To Flee!

  1. Chaimzeev says:

    Be positive!!!!

    Do you remember when you weren’t so favorable on making Aliyah?

    Hashem is taking care of us

  2. RJ says:

    Yes! HaShem knows exactly who and where we are….TRUST!!!
    Everything is going according to His plans (foretold) and He has put everything on the line for those who love Him!

  3. M&E says:

    My take is quite different. I do not take events predictable ny Nature at face value. Here’s why:
    Since your blog invokes the word Moshiach, you too mean to say “it just looks the way I said it – but it ain’t gonna happen, you’ll see.”

  4. M&E says:

    Think good, and things become (thereby) good! Let negative predictions be given by fools who consider themselves “prophets”. And also – seeing “signs” of this or that – smells the same stuff as witchcraft.

  5. mayer says:

    ” they will likely be forced out by the wicked Nations and inaction by the Erev Rav.”

    Leave the prophecy for the prophets, will you!

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