Edom – The Eagle of Death Metal

And assault on the Eagle of Death Metal, and HaShem’s bringing all the players to Assyrian territory.

A good bit of Edom vs. Yishmael, before the real Edom v Paras fun breaks out.

And if the Torah world does not do tshuva – make shalom – we risk destruction.

Its very serious people.

The Rambam writes that when Elijah comes he doesn’t come to make the impure pure, the pure impurer, a kosher pasul, nor a pasul kosher. The Beit Yosef writes that the source for this is a Sifre, which states:

“Elijah does not come l’rachek (to push away) nor to be l’karev (to bring close)

He’s not  coming to do kiruv. He’s not pushing people away. He’s treating everybody the same, and not trying convince anybody of anything.

Except, Shalom.

He is coming from a world that is beyond our imagination. Our thoughts are not HaShem’s thoughts. We have the Torah and are job is to do the best we can.

“Lo l’rachek v’lo l’karev”

This is preparation for the time when man will not longer teach man about Hashem, but HaShem will be every man’s teacher.

Shalom, people. Shalom. . . .Ah, ah. No chepping, Shalom.


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