We’re Not Getting Out of Exile (Anytime Soon)

Sorry folks, but the honest truth is we’re not getting out of exile, at least not anytime soon. A great explanation for why not was shown to me the other night while learning with my son.

He told me about a Torah tape he heard of a prominent Rabbi, that the dispute between Yosef and his brothers was about whether eating ever mi ha-chy (limb from a living animal) was assur or not. The brothers ruled it was not, Yosef ruled that it was. Yosef was not “m’kabel” the ruling of the majority, and that was the problem.

And the lesson for us here is . . . If your fellow Jew does not m’kabel your halachic position, SELL YOUR BROTHER TO ARABS!?

So long as the Jews fail to learn the simple message of the brothers selling Yosef – that the brothers were absolutely wrong to do it, and that it was the seminal manifestation of sinat hinam – we’re toast.   Justifications and rationalizations for this terrible deed prevent us from learning the message, and worse, condemn us to repeat it.



8 Responses to We’re Not Getting Out of Exile (Anytime Soon)

  1. Leah says:

    …..but why would you give over that we’re not getting out of exile, at least anytime soon?
    It seems that the gedolei hador are saying it is very very soon. Perhaps you would do better to ask them and see what they say?
    The other thing is that your words are discouraging to say the least. Of course, one should always be cautious of announcements and check their source(s), yet you must understand that your headline here seems like a newspaper headline breaking news and this is why it is so jarring.It may lead other’s to discouragement and no reason to try to rectify what our generation’s ills are.
    You mention that you heard it from a rabbi at your son’s yeshiva, yet you do not mention this source. Gedolei hador are known by name and are in their position to make such statements.

    • JJ says:

      I didn’t hear it from a Rabbi at my son’s Yeshiva. My son listened to a shiur playing in a Rabbis car – the shiur given by an influential Rabbi. The vort was made And its a vort I hear in different garments, but the same. Pushing blame onto Yosef for getting thrown in the pit and then sold to Arabs.

      Re: discouragement, my hope is to HaShem. He said the Jews need to do tshuva to be redeemed. The particular point of tshuva is stopping sinat hinam – hating other Jews who are innocent of wrongdoing. The Torah world is not doing this. In fact, sinat hinam is rampant, and its hurting people. And many people sit on the sidelines and watch the innocent get hurt, “But the Rabbis say that Jew is so and so . . .”. So, so much division – about what!!!??? Nothing.

      Not sure if you live in E”Y – maybe that’s why you don’t get how deep the problem is, and how great a danger we face if we don’t start to lead by example and live up to our role as the First Born Nation.

  2. mavin says:

    Agree with Leah’s comment. Firstly, we do not discourage Jews in regard to the coming of Moshiach speedily and secondly, when he comes, it will be in an instant. All signs are showing we are at the time of b’itah and Jews are returning and those who are the enemy within and are, literally, fighting against Torah, probably have non-Jewish neshomos. The ones who are like kidnapped children and know practically nothing of Yiddishkeit are not the ones siding with our enemies and are like lost sheep. Every ‘real’ Jew will be saved and we pray that H’ does not delay our geulah – Olam Chesed Yibaneh.

    • JJ says:

      Not sure where you get your information Mavin, but classical sources report that Eliyahu comes first. Also, re non-Jewish neshomos, this is a dangerous idea, for obvious reasons. Can anybody say FOR SURE whose neshomo is Jewish or not? Its an un-provable accusation.

      You need to WAKE UP my friend. Don’t you see how many people are suffering because of he baseless hatred? Maybe you don’t have kids in Torah schools, or deal with Shidduchim, or aren’t at the bottom of the communal totem pole because you don’t look right, don’t have money, are a ger, or a baal tshuva, or have different opinions, or have no yichus or protexia. So I understand how you do not understand the extremely painful injustices some people in the Torah world endure. And all because of baseless hatred.

      Believe me, I want Moshiach to come as much as the next guy. And I know for sure he will come one day. But I know that before he comes we must make SHALOM with one another. I prefer to get a jump on Eliyahu’s coming.

      But you can’t make SHALOM if you put your head in the sand and deny there is a raging MILHAMA of baseless hatred that is destroying us, and, for the most part, the Jews are not doing too much to fix the sinat hinam problem save for a video presentation and maybe a shiur on Tish b’Av. So long as eliminating sinat hinam is not the 80% focus of Jewish life, we’re toast (literally, because nuclear weapons will be used if we don’t get our act together).

      I know its a bitter pill to swallow – but you have to have faith that the righteous will be rewarded – that’s the only sweetness we can rely on.

  3. Devash says:

    When the geulah shleimah comes b’ita as it is now, it comes whether we’re ready or not – just like Shabbat does. Those who didn’t prepare won’t “eat” – just like Shabbat.

    • JJ says:

      You are 100% correct. Let your garment be clean and your head filled with oil. If a person constantly prepares for the moment death (like fish caught in a net), then for sure they’ll be ready for Moshiach.

      The point of the article is that the Torah world needs to get its act together, or its going to get really ugly. I believe you live in E”Y – you know what’s going on, and the sinat hinam that boils over in some places – all in the name of HaShem and the Torah. Its nuts!!!

  4. Nechama says:

    You’re bursting baloons, but offering wisdom. The Geula Shleima comes in its appointed time whether we are ready or not. Perhaps chv”s a catastrophe will catapult the Jews into ‘regret’ and ‘return’ i.e. teshuva! a moment before the Geulah.

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