Trump Is A Son Of Esav

For the past two Shabbosim, the Rabbis in my local shul have given mussar to congregants about placing their “reliance” on Donal Trump with respect to Israel. I’m not sure who they’re talking to. Most people I know are sincere Jews who clearly know that G-d is G-d, and Trump is man, and they are simply relieved Obama is gone and are hopeful the US/Israel relationship will get better.

But I do agree with the Rabbis that folks are a bit too confident about where Trump is going to take things. After all, as described in an earlier post, Trump, if anything, is Esau – in looks (he’s the RED MAN!!) and deeds (immorality, strongarm business practices, etc).

Of course, he’s also well known for doing random acts of kindness. All told, I believe Trump is the aspect of “Reuel”, the son of Esau who embodies Ra (Evil) and El (Kindness). This, as opposed to Putin who is “Eliphaz”, Eli (My God) is Paz (Gold). (See family affair players diagram).

In my opinion, I predict that Trump is going to attempt to make “The Deal of History”, a peace accord between the Israelis and the Pals. In this deal, he’ll successfully negotiate from the Pals almost everything the Israelis want – settlement blocks and land swaps, demilitarization, substantial security guarantees including Israeli presence on Jordan border, etc. But part of the settlement will require 10s of thousands of Israelis to vacate parts of the West Bank. And that’s a problem.

Its a problem because the entire settlement enterprise was powered by R. Kook’s (Sr. and Jr.) speculative mysticism that claims settling the Land will “cause” redemption to come. Where the Haredi posit “learning Torah” as the theurgic redemptive device, the Daati Leumi change the causative variable to “settling the Land.” Both are equally misguided – eliminating sinat hinam is the only way.

(Note: The problem with settlements is that nobody thought ahead as to what to do with the millions of Arabs living in the West Bank. As things stand today, if you are a Jew, one set of civil laws applies to your life, liberty, and property. If you are an Arab, military law applies to you. Disparate legal systems applied to persons based on race, religion, or ethnicity is by definition, apartheid. Sorry guys, its the truth, and many wise men predicted this outcome decades ago before the settlement fiasco began.)

There is NO WAY these ideologically motivated settlers will move without force or threat of force (despite the fine print in the typical settlement land contract where they agreed in writing to vacate upon request). And that force will require incredible political willpower that does not exist.  So, Trump makes a deal, the Pals accept, and Jews balk. In the whirlwind of escalating tensions and rumours of war between the US and Iran, when “peace” is going to be very important to the US to solidify alliances in the region, Israel’s obstinance is not going to be viewed pleasantly by Mr. Reuel Donal Trump (nor by his brother, Mr. Eliphaz Putin).

We Jewish people need to WAKE UP to the fact that Trump is going to hold our feet to the fire and call Israel’s bluff on the two-state solution. He’s not going to accept being played the fool.

It is time for the Jewish people to realize that our collective mystical speculations are not getting us anywhere. We must use our G-d given minds (sechel) and not forget the lessons of the past. Clearly, our internecine behavior is NOT on the level of Yisrael, bur rather Yaakov the worm. We are filled with love of wealth and baseless hatred. Thus, we are in no position to throw off the yoke of Esav. We must humble ourselves and act accordingly.

HaShem should show mercy.






5 Responses to Trump Is A Son Of Esav

  1. mikhail says:

    if anything u are dealing with a purim story of sorts.trump ran a beauty pagant to find his new wife . he keeps a record of those whoem have done good to him . he has jews that have one of his.ears and he has a datan and aviran on the other who plan his demise.and wish to take over the kingdom . there is a haman hagagi in iran who has prostate cancer and is old with nothing left to loose but push the nuclear option.

    putin is essav , he even knows it. when he visited israel he came with 400 men , he saw his old teacher put on a talis and.called.the russian jews his.brothers. he has not givin up on the birthright he sold. the operation of russia attacking american backed suni syrian rebels , was called in russian translation( operarion protect israel)
    if russia and america make peace they will destroy political correctness in defeating yishmael . the problem is that after they do so and unite eastren and.westren rome . jews are next.

    • JJ says:

      Very astute analysis. Unfortunately, Trump (Reuel) is very comfortable being Putin’s (Eliphaz) younger brother.

      The wrench in their plan will be Paras. Ironically, Edom v Paras will save the Jewish People in the end. Or, Jews can stop hating each other for no reason and we can avoid this mess entirely.

  2. Micha'el says:

    Trump is a descendant of the BAAL SHEM TOV…

    i dont think you want to claim he is a son of Esav..

    • JJ says:

      What’s your source?

    • Nechama says:

      Micha’el, please give us the source for your comment. How could he be? He’s not Jewish. But maybe someone in his family was?? He’s actually part Scottish (not Irish) (from his mother) and part German (father). Maybe his father’s father was Jewish? PLEASE GIVE SOURCE.

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