Edom Begins Crackdown On Paras

November 14, 2009

Edom makes its first real strike against Persian assets.

In order to make sense of the End of Days, it is critical to note the distinction between Paras (Persia, Shiite Muslims) and Yishmael (Arab, Sunni/Wahhabi Muslims).

This is especially important because the End of Days conflict is not a religious conflict. Its a familial competition for “chosenness”.

We defend our right to be left alone, because we are confident that we are chosen.

The nations pursue us and don’t leave us alone, because they are not confident that they are chosen. Consequently, they can’t stand to see our confidence and self assuredness (we are “thorns” in their eyes as we were in the Egyptians’ eyes).

Tragically, the nations do not have the merit to know how they, too, could be “chosen” if they learn and live by the Noahide laws.


Mr. V Is Not A Muslim

November 5, 2009

Many people believe that Mr. V is a Muslim.

He is not.  A Muslim is a person that believes in G-d and a divine law (a false one, but a law nonetheless).

Mr. V does not believe.  He is the son and prodigy of radical atheists.

As the Mishna expressly states, at the End of Days, “All governments (malcut) will turn to heresy and non-belief (minot).” (Sotah 9:15)

Mr. V is the first American president who is a non-believer.

The United States has become the finall major world power whose government has completely turned to heresy and non-belief.

For the first time in history, the words of the Mishna in Sota have come to pass.

But while Mr. V is not Muslim, he is intimately connected to Yishmael.

Mr. V is well characterized as a “Yishmaelite non-believer“.

Now THAT is really scary!

The Erev Rav’s Two Big Problems

October 21, 2009

The nefarious Goldstone Report is gaining traction, portending draconian “legal actions” against Jewish people who wish to live free in Eretz Yisrael.

Goldstone is Jewish, and HaShem should have mercy and help him open the door for tshuva. But his actions strongly indicate Erev Rav (the “Mixed Multitude”, the Egyptian wizards who converted to Judaism when the Jews left Egypt).

So, what are the Erev Rav‘s two big problems?

First, the Erev Rav were never slaves.  They never felt the whip. Never felt the terror and fear.  They never felt the pain.

Consequently, at best the Erev Rav are indifferent to Jewish suffering.  At worst they cause it (they were behind Hur’s murder).

Second, the Erev Rav were not miraculously redeemed by HaShemThey never  felt the gratitude.  Rather, out of a desire for glory and self-preservation, they shifted allegiance from one power source (the gods of Egypt) to another (the G-d of the Jews).

Consequently, the Erev Rav are incapable of being grateful to HaShem, or for being a Jew. Rather, they move to assimilate with any power source that promises glory and self-preservation.

In a nutshell, these are the Erev Rav’s two big problems.

Bear Attack!

October 2, 2009

Last night I had a remarkable dream (which bodes especially auspiciously because the dream occured on the sixth night of the week):

I was in a parade and saw a large grizzly bear. The bear stirred, and proceeded to viciously attack me, biting at my arms and hands as I tried to fend him off.

I soon recognized that this was a dream, so I concentrated deeply and said Shema. At “Echad” the bear was repelled, and the attack was successfully defended.

It is known that the symbol of Paras (Persia/Iran) is symbolized by a bear.

Megilla 11a “. …And behold another beast, a second, like a bear,” (Daniel 7:5) – Rabbi Yosef taught that this refers to the Persians, who eat and drink like a bear, and are clothed in flesh like a bear, and are hairy like a bear, and have no rest like a bear;  See also, interesting Torah video, Anger of the Bear

I believe that, possibly, this dream alludes the upcoming global conflict with ParasPerhaps, contrary to my “rational” analysis described in previous posts, this dream portends that Paras, not Israel or Edom, will strike first militarily.

In any event, the only defense we have is our faith in HaShem, as expressed in our efforts to strive for Jewish unity “below” in reflection of his unity “above”.

HaShem should help that we all sit in the Ztael D’emunata (shade of faith) Gam Yachad (as One) this Succot.

Hag Samayach!

Edom Makes New Threats

September 25, 2009

Just before the new year is “sealed”, Edom versus Paras cranks up another notch as America and Europe accuse Iran of operating a clandestine nuke facility.

Looks like more groundwork being laid before an Israel-led (and Edom finished) attack against Paras.

HaShem should protect us so that when the smoke clears, it won’t be the Jews who are forced to pay heaviest price of victory.

After all, who really is the target of Edom’s anti nuclear weapon proliferation agenda?

Secret of the Russian S-300 Air Defense System?

September 18, 2009

300 is the gematria of Elohim, the attribute of strict justice, in its “filled” form (when every letter is spelled out).

Negative forces of impurity (klipot) draw nourishment and sustenance from this name when the Jewish people transgress (the name itself is entirely holy).  These klipot act as barriers between the Jewish people and haShem.

Possibly, a hint of this spiritual reality is reflected in Russia’s efforts to arm Iran with the advanced S-300 air defense system. This weapons system is, in essence, a barrier intended to stop the Jewish people’s efforts to protect themselves from harm.

HaShem should help us do tshuva that will remove all barriers between the Jewish people and our King.  Our efforts to remove the barriers “above” will surely remove the barriers “below.”

Our heartfelt prayers for salvation should surmount all barriers and be answered and fullfilled, soon, in our days.

Have a Healthy and Sweet New Year!

The Archer & The Trapper: The Two Covenants

September 16, 2009

Slichot this morning spoke of “The Archer” and “The Trapper”.  Who are they?  And how do they relate to the End of Days and Tshuva?

Yishmael is known as the Archer. Genesis 21:20, “he dwelt in the desert and became an accomplished archer”; Rashi on Genesis 21:10, “he would shoot arrows at Yitzhak and say he was just joking”.

Yishmael represents the forces of impurity that result from inappropriate lusts. Yishmael is strengthened when Jewish people blemish “The Covenent of Circumcision” (Brit Milah) by engaging in prohibited sexual immorality.

Esav is known as the Trapper. Rashi on Genesis 21:28, “he would trap people with his lying words”.

Esav reprsents the forces of impurity that result from inappropriate arrogance.  Esav is strengthened when Jewish people blemish “The Covenant of the Mouth” (Brit Peh) by engaging in prohibited evil speech.

The holy Abir Yaakov, haRav Yaakov Abuchatzeira, ztkl, writes that the “Two Covenants” of the mouth and circumcision are like one, as the gematria of milah and peh are both 85.  These covenants are directly connected to strict judgments insofar as “85 plus 1” equals 86, the gematria of the divine name Elohim, the  attribute of strict judgments.  (He further writes that our forefathers merited redemption from Egypt because they guarded these Two Covenants.)

Fundamentally, violations of the Two Covenants are the primary causes of Yishmael’s and Esau’s nourishment, strength and power. This manifests on a geopolitical level as the growing power and animosity of Yishmael and Esav over and towards the Jewish people.

Consequently, to defeat Yishmael and Esav, the Jewish people must do Tshuva and rectify and guard against blemishes to the Two Covenants.

Not only will this Tshuva “sweeten” and annul the harsh judgments . . .

This Tshuva will actually cause strict justice (din) to join forces with kindness (chesed) and mercy (rachamim) as an ally and protector against our enemies.

This is the secret of verse Psalm 94:1, which says, “El (chesed) n’kamot (din) haShem (rachamim)”

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