Radio Show! (Israel National Radio)

Tamar Yonah of Israeli National Radio has been kind enough to allow me a weekly segment on her wonderful radio show, Sundays at 9:30 am EST.  Thank you Tamar!!

Recent Shows:


8 Responses to Radio Show! (Israel National Radio)

  1. Jo-Anne Cohrs says:

    I have read with urgency through your articles. You are so wise for these end days. Why can’t people see what is happening and how the last days will be played out. I wasn’t born into a Jewish family – I wish that I had because you seem to have a 3-D view of these times. I am an outsider to you, but if I had to stand next to you in ‘battle’ I most definitely would do so. I am sick of my ‘lilly-livered’, weak Christian Brothers and Sisters who seem to have been ‘charmed’ by the snake charmer, stunned at today’s events, mesmerised by their own ‘missionary’ activities and church agendas, looking the other way from world events, or have become so ‘liberalised’ they’re dancing hand in hand with muslims at the local mosque.
    God bless for the work that you do here.

  2. Al Coffman says:

    Noticed your comment on the catholic church again trying to intenationalize Jerusalem. We not in your scriptures that Naboth would not sell his vinyard to Ahab(civil power) – Jezebel(Catholic Church) said not to worry that she would give it to him. I would exhort the faithful in Israel to not bow to this or any other ploy(i.e. vatican’s agreement with the PA). Hold on to the land… it is given to Abraham and his posterity– forever!!

  3. Dan M says:


    Will you not be on Tamar Yonah’s segment anymore in INR? I think your insight is really, really unique. I think you should continue recording your unique perspectives on .mp3 format and let us know where to finf these. PLEase….DOn’t leave us……

  4. Joe Belichick says:

    Great to talk to you after so long. You are in a place of energy and passion that I have seen before. Cheers to you.

  5. I am he whos word does not return to him without specific delight in which i have sent it.

  6. I am not the father but the father dwells in me. god is love. I am the dark angle. I come from a long line of kings and priests. It is not i but the father who oporates through me.

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