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May 19, 2014

I have now made the transition from Jewish End of Days to Jewish Jeans.

Forced To Flee!

December 10, 2012

For all those wondering if the State of Israel will pull Jews out of Judea/Samaria like it did in Gaza, its not going to happen.

But rather, tragically, they will likely be forced out by the wicked Nations and inaction by the Erev Rav.

Israeli troops fleeing from rock throwers is likely a sign of things to come.

For my best guess about what’s coming down the road, please read this post from two years ago, Preview of What’s to Come. What is written is scarily coming to pass.

Happy Hanuka!

Analysis of UN Vote for Pal State – 138 v. 9

December 2, 2012

Two weeks ago while learning the Talmud Yerushalmi, I came accross a strange passage where a Sage encountered an Arab, who told him the name of Moshiach, “מנחמ”. Then, another Sage states that the name of Moshiach is “צמח”.

The Talmud states that this is not a contradiction, because the gematria of both names equals 138.

Since I’m into gematrias, I meditated on this piece for a while, cycling through various possible significances of the number 138. Of course, the first thought is always the simplest – in this case, the number in a simple word. Here, 138 is חלק, which means to “split”, or a “portion”.

Two weeks later, enter the UN vote. First, it must be understood clearly what the vote was for, a Pal State with “East Jerusalem” (the Old City & Temple Mount) as its capital.

138 nations voted for splitting Jerusalem, 9 voted against. And, as we know from Zeharia 14:1 (הנה יומ בא ל’ד וחלק שללך בקרבך) the splitting leads to Moshiach.

And there is also a deep message in the vote regarding the 9 – Avraham asked Hashem to save Sodom for the sake of 40, then 30, then 20, then 10. Hashem agreed to save Sodom for the sake of 10 righteous people. There were not 10 righteous people, and Sodom was doomed.

Think implication is clear for us to understand.


Jews Like Red Herring

November 6, 2012

I’m no Romney fan (but I have personally confirmed that he is a straight-shooter and trustworthy from those who have done business with him), but it just amazes me how stupid the majority of American Jews are on this one.

I spoke with my best friend from LA last week. He’s non-religious, and a senior exec at a major consumer internet company. He tells me he voted for Obama, “I’m sorry dude, but I voted for Obama.”

I asked him why, “. . . (mumble, hesitation). . . Ahh. Because I don’t like Romney because he’s against women’s rights, like Abortion.”

Because of Abortion??? As if Romney would ever destroy himself politically by trying to cram a  pro-life Supreme Court nomination through the Senate? Think Robert Bork. It would never happen. Its just stupid to think so.

The Jews are so smart. But they’re just so unsophisticated when it comes to politics. They are stuck in a 50’s liberal mindset, and really do trust the big media. Crazy!

But I guess the Jews like their wine-soaked, “Matshes”  red herring.

I am sure I share with many of you out there than the birth pangs are really going to rapidly accelerate if PBO wins.  America will likely fall off the “fiscal cliff” concurrent with a full court press to divide Jerusalem, with all the resulting instability.

I can only say that we really need G-d’s loving-kindness and mercy to get us out of this jamb.

A loving-kindness that we cannot fathom, and that we haven’t experienced since the Redemption from Egypt.

My Guess? – All Hail To The Emperor!

September 12, 2012

The Talmud is very clear that there will be a war of Edom v. Paras.  I have been unable to locate any source that shows some type of “Jewish” involvement in this war.

Thus, my guess is that all the media chatter about the Bibi-Obama split is a massive misinformation campaign. In fact, the US is getting ready to strike (they have just moved a third carrier group into the gulf).

If, before the election, the US strikes and destroys Iran’s nuke capability swiftly, forcefully, and with few casualties, PBO will surely win the election.

As in Edom, the leader who wins wars becomes Emperor – look out America!

And Paras’ fall sets the stage for the Gog v’Mgog, the final partnership of Edom & Yishmael to seize the Temple Mount from the Jews, “legally”,  and forever (G-d forbid).

Edom vs. Paras – “It Stinks, But We Told You So”

August 2, 2012

With all that’s going on in the news about a pending US/Israel/Iran conflict, folks might want to see these articles re: Edom v. Paras.

The reason I’m linking to these older articles (some from 2009) is simply because there is nothing new to write! It is all happening as contemplated previously.

In my opinion, its coming very soon – not fun to deal with, but hopefully the Jewish people will escape the brunt of the conflict.

Thanks for reading!

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Need To Catch A Tzioni!!

June 4, 2012

Since my Aliya 6 months ago, so much has transpired on many levels. B”H, the kids and family are doing well and are happy here.

My parnassa plan/hope as I moved here was to lead the financing and development of a large-scale saltwater fish farm here in Israel.  Working with my CTO, we spent countless hours preparing presentations and business plans.  Israel imports almost 99% of its fresh saltwater fish, and the market opportunity here is great.

I got involved in this project because I want to do something to build Israel – I want to buck the trend and make a good, solid business in the land. I am absolutely not interested in doing anything in hutz l’aretz. For me, what’s the point? I guess that makes me a real Tzioni (notwithstanding the white shirt and black pants I’m wearing right now).

Over the past several months, we shopped the deal to numerous clean-tech VC funds and high net-worth investors. At the end of the day, we keep hearing the same thing: “How does this scale to make money in hutz l’aretz?”.  And its not just non-religious investors, last week I met with an American chareidi group, and explained how we could build this business here and literally dominate the fresh saltwater fish business in Israel in 5- 7 years. The response, “We’re not comfortable with businesses focusing on the Israeli  market.”

Granted, Israel has a tough business climate, but still, its frustrating that folks “as a business rule” just don’t want to invest in an Israel for Israel company.  Israel for hutz l’aretz, no problem. But Israel for Israel, not interested.

Obviously, I am biased here, but still it hurts to hear so many people who are not inspired by an opportunity to build up the land.  I understand where they are coming from – for many people, business is business, and we are living in a secular post-Zionist and/or religious pre-Zionist reality. But it hurts when folks don’t even express a passion, like, “We really want to finance a business in Israel that services the domestic market because this is a value to us,  so let’s hear what you have to say and see if it makes sense.”

Its especially frustrating since I’ve met so many local fishmongers and restaurants who validate the  my business plan – I just need a break and to find favor in the eyes of the right investor.

So, I am making an appeal to all of you out there who might read this blog:

  1. Take a look at our executive summary that describes the project.
  2. I have an extremely limited rolodex. If you have any ideas or contacts who might help us get the project funded, we would appreciate your help and we would provide a good finder’s fee for making a shidduch.
  3. Please daven for our success, if not in this venture, in another (as yet unknown one)!

HaShem should bless and protect all of the Jewish People!


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