First Missile Raid Alarm in Beit Shemesh

February 16, 2012

My wife went to the grocery store this morning.  She left me with a sleeping baby while I worked on my marine aquaculture business plan.

Then I heard the siren. Not loud, but something that was clearly the air raid siren.  What do I do?

I walked into the baby room, which is in the bomb shelter. Do I stay here? Do I open the window (that has never been opened) and shut the metal doors? Or is that freaking out? Or are we under sudden attack? No, that doesn’t make sense.

Where do I get information? Checked Nothing. The Radio? In Hebrew? Siren continues.

Call my wife?  How long until we are in the ‘clear’? I listed for a sound. . . a boom (G-d forbid).

I really need to get my survival gear in order. Do I call my wife? . . . .

Siren stops. Phew!

Wow. This is real. It is no luxury being a Jewish End of Days blogger living in Israel. Edom v. Paras is very real.

And it was real for my children, who reported scenes from their school. Some teachers were unaware that this was a “test”.  They thought it was real and had no idea how to react. Some, allegedly, were seen crying in fear.

My daughters were not scared, but we all talked tonight, and the kids came to a realization that this is the real deal over here. That there could be “bombs”.  Baruch HaShem my wife and my children are being very brave about it. “And, DH, why did we move here again? :)”

Anyway, I am definitely getting to work on preparing my emergency plan and survival gear. I’ve been lazy  about it (heck, I haven’t even bought a car yet), just falling in tune with the Israelis.

But the truth is, to live here one must sort of just put the demons in the back of the mind, pray to HaShem for mercy, and do the right thing al pi Torah.  One must live as if there is a tomorrow not scarred by terrible war.

But the truth to the truth is to be honest, ready and brave.  And not to doubt for one second that the real intent of the evildoers is not to eradicate the “Zionist State”, but rather to destroy all of the Jewish people wherever they may live (G-d forbid).

HaShem should increase the miracles in teva as we approach the Holy Purim.


True Then, True Now

February 1, 2012

With all the rumors of war between Edom, Israel, and Paras, what was true when I wrote this article almost two years ago is even more true today.

Israel Being Set Up?

BTW, aliyah continues to go well. Not easy sometimes, especially seeing so many people around you struggling so very hard just to make ends meet and struggling provide their children with a good life in a very complex society constantly under threat and pressure from enemies outside and from within. I see some very good folks in pretty scary predicaments, and realize that there is no way to comprehend what I see. This is a land of faith.

Kol ha’kavod to Israelis who stay here but have the option to make more money elsewhere.

And super Kol ha’kavod to people who leave comfortable lives and their families in distant USA to live here.

HaShem should give us all a bracha and a yeshua!