Avoiding the Tsunami of Edom v. Paras

Edom v Paras is happening right before our eyes.

But we’re in really big trouble.

The Yerushalmi says the Second Temple was destroyed because Jews love money and hate each other for no reason.

  • Love money – intoxication with wealth and the wealthy.
  • Hate each other for no reason – seeing a sin in somebody else that doesn’t exist.

Now the Bavli arguably did us a favor by just focusing on sinat hinam, cutting down the challenge considerably. Of course, I prefer not to take my chances on the Bavli’s reduction – its statements are Amoraic, versus the Yerushalmi’s tanaaic statement (which for me makes a difference). So, I work on both of these.

But, for those who go Bavli on this, the task is greatly minimized. . . .

Hashem is not asking us for ahavat hinam. He’s not asking us for v’ehavata l’recha c’mocha – that’s way too high a level. He’s not even asking us not to hate somebody if we have good reason to hate them. HaShem’s just asking us not to hate each other for no reason! A very low bar indeed!!

This is the tshuva the Jews need to do to get out of Exile.

Don’t love money. Don’t hate another Jew for no reason.

If Jewish influencers embrace this message above all else, maybe we can survive the coming tsunami.

This is not a joke.  Loving money and hating Jews for no reason is a luxury. If we do not prioritize removing these dangerous traits during our time of luxury, then HaShem’s only recourse is to eliminate it with the removal of luxury.  And that is a very harsh and blunt instrument.

I pray that change comes from the inside, and not from the outside.

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9 Responses to Avoiding the Tsunami of Edom v. Paras

  1. Chava G. says:

    Hi JJ,

    I really like your take on what haShem wants re: “sinath hinam” from the Yeruashalmi. I’m just wondering where we readers can find the text in both sources.

    Many thanks.
    Hatimah tovah!

  2. Chava G. says:

    Oh, yeah. I forgot to say that I liked it so much I decided to update my current post with it. Sorry about that. 😉

  3. Chava G. says:

    By the way, I also wrote a post that started out with your concept, in case you haven’t seen it yet: Time for a Paradigm Shift

    Many blessings to you, and I, for one, am glad you’re writing more.

    • JJ says:

      Chava, I read your article. It really is SO frustrating to see what the Israeli gov’t is doing to cope with the situation. But, ultimately, they can’t be blamed – without Torah, there’s just no way to get the response right. And the biggest repository of pure Torah knowledge – i.e. the “Doctors” of Torah – are the Haredi, who have decided that they don’t treat “cancer”, i.e., the problems of operating a sovereign state. As a result of the Haredi failure to rise to the occasion, fulfill its great potential, and provide k’lal Yisrael with the “big picture” Torah guidance it so desperately needs, all sorts of very poor solutions – from far religious nationalist right to far secular left – rush in to fill the vacuum.

  4. Shiloh says:

    Hey Tzedek, great to see you back blogging. Its all about behavior, nothing more. Many are waking up actually, let’s hope its enough. Be well, Shiloh

    • JJ says:

      Thanks Buddy. Even thought you’re an Xtian, we’re all waiting for the Jewish King. But he’s not coming unless the Jews change priorities.

      • Shilo says:

        What a total asshole. I certainly dont believe in the mangod Jesus. Its pricks like you who stop the geulah. I was being kind and you start your crap. Watch the coming Jewish king tell you where to stuff it and he will certainly reject you as being part of the tribe.

      • JJ says:

        Shiloh, if you are not a Xtian, then I deeply apologize. Our communications and your lack of denial years ago led me to that conclusion. If I was wrong, please forgive me. Not sure what you mean about my “rabbinical derech”. Please, clarify with readers if you wish.

      • Shiloh D says:

        Maybe you should watch your lishon hara and lies. Watch your rabbinical derech fall. Pricks like you are going down with the coming Jewish king. Ungrateful bastard.

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