The FAD and the Real Edom vs. Yishmael War

Six years ago I published this website’s seminal document – the Family Affairs Diagram (FAD).  Based on classic sources and my own inspiration, the FAD shows that there will be a war between Edom and Ishmael prior to the war between Edom and Paras.

At the time I wrote it, the “big news” was all about Edom vs. Paras – with Iran, Hizbollah, and the nuclear threat. I tried hard to understand just what the Edom vs. Yishmael war was. . . The First Gulf War? The Second?

Now I understand. Edom vs. Yishmael is kicking off big time right now, led by the head of Edom, Eliphaz the first born, Russia. Edom vs. Paras is on the back-burner. Paras has to wait until after Edom v. Yishmael for its shot at the title.

Eliphaz is calling the shots. Putin let Israel blow up a Heizbollah arms convoy a few weeks ago over Syrian airspace. What’s Eliphaz to care?  The weapons were already paid for.

Paras can’t say a word. Paras is now subordinate.  But Paras has an empire-complex. Over time, Paras will chafe and resent its erstwhile ally. As always, there is no love among thieves. The nations are like biker gangs and can turn on each other in an instant.

And they will. Just at the right time – when they are on the path to Jerusalem.  Like the salvation of Yehoshafat from a host of invaders who suddenly and mysteriously turned against and destroyed each other. (Read from 2 Chronicles 20:10).

But it will likely take a very grim, long time for this to play out, stage to stage. And the world is going to become an increasingly not fun place for those enjoying the Feast of Ahashverosh. (v‘havein).

If we could only stop the baseless hatred now.  The only way is Shalom. Even if the other person or group is clearly in violation of the Torah or principles of Derech Eretz. Sure, call them out on it. But when you do, check yourself and always keep in mind. . .

The other person or group might be very wrong, but we live in a very spiritually opaque world. . . .


Its all about Shalom over all else.  (See last chapter of Mishnah Torah, where Eliahu’s mission is explained).

That said, if you are Shalom and they are for war, you may protect yourself and your family. But never, ever, ever, throw the first punch.





2 Responses to The FAD and the Real Edom vs. Yishmael War

  1. mavin says:

    Shalom between Jews is necessary; but just as necessary is to be against and fight against those who knowingly and wantonly violate the Torah on a communal basis. Look at what the reform movement did and caused the Jewish people. Today there’s Open Orthodoxy (an oxymoronic joke) and, of course, there are the Erev Rav radical leftists who with their twisted policies (they have the power, being at the helm) have caused the shedding of so much Jewish blood. Shalom must be the unity of all the G-D fearing Jews, no matter how religious or secular),, who truly love G-D, Bnai Yisrael, Torah and the Land of Israel.

    • JJ says:

      I prefer not to blame the non-religious for ANYTHING. Can’t blame ANYBODY for not wanting to be part of the Torah world given its deep problems.

      Please, its not the “Erev Rav” leftists who are to blame for anything. So long as the religious Jews can’t get their act together, the secular Jews will fill the vacuum, and they have no Torah, so of course its not going to work.

      Blaming the “erev rav” is a cop-out for religious Jews not taking responsibility for their actions.

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