Shaking The Tree

Rashi in last week’s parsha states that the gathering of the exiles will be so difficult that its as if HaShem himself has to grab each person individually by the hands and pull them out.  Then he cites a verse from Isaiah (27:12), “. . . they will be gathered, one by one, the children of Israel.”

I decided to look at this verse deeper and discovered that the first part of the verse states, “It will be on that date that HaShem hits the stalks.”  Rashi there explains that the concept is that HaShem hits the olive tree and detaches the olives, and then picks them up one by one.

Thus is appears that the ingathering of our exile will involve a process where HaShem shakes the trees, e.g., the things that give live to Jews in exile and to which they are attached – only then can they be gathered.  Connections need to be severed first.

And speaking of shaking, see the following amazing story trend line coming out of Christchurch, New Zealand.

I believe HaShem is shaking that tree – we should all open our eyes and see. There is a real message here in my opinion.

Christchurch, New Zealand News Trend Line

Christchurch, New Zealand – Jewish Community Shaken By Worst Earthquake in Decades

Saturday, September 4th, 2010 Christchurch, New Zealand – As New Zealanders continued to survey the damage caused by the country’s worst earthquake in almost 80 years, residents and leaders expressed amazement that a Saturday morning temblor that toppled historic buildings and destroyed some 20 percent of homes hadn’t resulted in loss of life. “Everyone is of course a bit shaken, but for the most part is okay,”…

New Zealand – Jews: Ban on Shechita of Kosher Meats a Disgrace

Sunday, June 6th, 2010 New Zealand – Jewish communities in New Zealand and Australia have expressed outrage at a new animal welfare code in New Zealand that makes it a crime to kill livestock using kosher slaughter, or “shechita.” The code went into effect on Friday, May 21, 2010 and specifically requires cattle and other animals to be stunned before slaughter, in order to ensure humane treatment of the animal…

Newmarket, New Zealand – Students to be Disciplined over Nazi Prank

Monday, October 19th, 2009 Newmarket, New Zealand – Students at a prestigious school in New Zealand have caused outrage after photographs showing them kneeling in homage before a Nazi flag, kissing a swastika and making “Heil Hitler” salutes were posted on the internet. The five boys from Auckland Grammar School face disciplinary action over the pictures, taken during an outing to a museum display that commemorated the…

New Zealand – Rabbi: Coroner Did Meet Request of Jewish Tradition on Backpacker Autopsy

Thursday, January 29th, 2009 New Zealand – The local Chabad Rabbi said that authorities did come to an agrrement of a less intrusive autopsy of an Israeli tourist on cultural grounds, despite the limitations it could present in determining how he died. Ohad Dotan, 26, of Tel Aviv, died after a fall while tramping near the Mueller Glacier in the Aoraki-Mt Cook National Park. The backpacker’s body was recovered on Wednesday…

New Zealand – Controversial Autopsy of Jewish Tramper Goes Ahead

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 New Zealand – A post mortem of an Israeli tramper has gone ahead despite objections by a local rabbi. Ohad Dotan, 26, apparently fell to his death near the Mueller Glacier in the Southern Alps, as was reported here on VIN News. His body was brought down from Aoraki/Mount Cook by an aerial rescue team and was due to undergo a post mortem this morning. Rabbi Menachem Goldstein, director of…

New Zealand – Rabbi Fighting Autopsy of Body Found in Mueller Glacier

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 New Zealand – A rabbi is battling efforts to autopsy an Israeli hiker whose body was found near the Mueller Glacier in the Southern Alps. Rabbi Menachem Goldstein, director of the Jewish Chabad-Lubavitch sect in New Zealand, has been acting as a liaison between local officials and the Israeli Embassy in Australia. The rabbi said, that the man, aged in his 20’s had been at the Chabad House…

Christchurch, New Zealand – Synagogue Targeted In Graffiti Attack

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006 Christchurch, New Zealand – The words “Shower you murderous swine” have been sprayed in bright green paint on the footpath outside the synagogue’s main entrance in Christchurch, New Zealand on Durham St. A brass plaque on the main gate has also been vandalised, with swastikas scratched into the surface and racist taunts daubed in felt pen. The graffiti, which apparently appeared overnight…


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  1. Shiloh says:

    Will anyone listen, na. Guess haShem is about done sifting those He wants.

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