July 4, 1776

Barbecue and fireworks? Not for the Jews of 1776.  That’s because in 1776 the fast day of the 17th of Tammuz fell out on the 4th of July.

This amazing fact further demonstrates that, at its foundation, America is Esav.

But how can America be Esav? When I say it, even religious people can’t understand. After all, America has been a unique haven for the Jewish people for over two hundred years. America has been by far the kindest gentile nation to the Jewish people since the Temple was destroyed in 70 A.D.

Brotherly Love

When Yaakov was faced conflict with Esav when he returned to E”Y from his sojourn with Lavan, he beseeched G-d to save him from Esav, crying out, “Rescue me, please, from the hand of my brother, from the hand of Esav, for I fear him lest he come and strike me down, mother and children.” (Genesis, 32:12).

Our Sages point out the redundancy in the language, “from the hand of my brother, from the hand of Esav”.  Why, they ask, does the Torah need to state “brother’ and “Esav” – by stating “brother” or “Esav” alone I could deduce the other – why did the Torah state both?

The answer is is that Yaakov was asking G-d to save him from 1) Esav when he acts like Esav, i.e., like a murderous oppressor; and 2) from Esav when he acts like a “brother”, with kindness.

For the first 2000 years of our exile, as we sojourned through Europe, Esav acted like Esav to the Jewish people, wantonly oppressing and murdering us throughout the centuries.  There was no doubt, especially for religious Jews, that Esav was Esav.

But then we came to America.  And suddenly, Esav was not the Esav the religious Jews were familiar with.  We were welcomed and embraced, and allowed to fully participate in the economy and establish flourishing Torah institutions.  We now had our first experience with Esav acting as a brother. (As for those who might contend Spain was also such a place, it is not the case because the golden age of Spain occurred while the Moor/Muslims occupied and ruled it).

And because America is the Jewish people’s first collective experience of “Esav acting as a brother”, many people don’t recognize it for what it is.   Most religious Jews relate to Esav as a murderer, but not a brother.  That’s why its hard for folks to comprehend and accept that America is a portion of Esav.  Its hard to recognize something when one has no prior experience of that thing.

But, in fact, its very true that the love of Esav has led to a great destruction of the Jewish people in terms of assimilation, physical and spiritual.  In a very real sense, Esav in his American manifestation, is loving Jews to death.

A Deeper Level – The Shining Husk

As explained in previous posts, in my opinion, America represents a manifestation of one of Esav’s two children, Ruel.  In Hebrew, Ruel means “evil and kindness.”  This is the essence of America.  Its a wonderfully kind and charitable country, with many good righteous gentiles, and its a terribly evil country, filled with violence, immorality, selfishness, and Jew hating gentiles.

In a spiritual sense, America represents what’s known as the Klipah Nogah, this Shining Husk, which is an admixture of light and darkness,  which is rooted in the Tree of Good and Evil.  Unlike other klipot (husks) which are totally dark, the Shining Husk has redeemable aspects, sparks of light which the Jewish people “fish out” and elevate by the performance of mitzvot and good deeds.

Just as in Egypt, where the Jews “cleaned out” the sparks of holiness like fish out of the sea (this is the terminology of the Talmud), so too in America the Jews are cleaning out the sparks of holiness.

The reason Torah and religious Judaism has flourished in America is because there are many sparks of holiness in Ruel to redeem, because his name contains the holy name El, the name of kindness.

When these sparks of holiness are completely redeemed, in particular by acts of kindness, the Messiah will come. (It is well known that the great Sage, R. Chaim Volozin, declared in 1802 that America would be the final exile of the Torah).

What To Do?

Just as Esav’s avodah (service) in America is to love Jews to death, the Jewish people’s avodah must be to love our fellow Jews to life.


32 Responses to July 4, 1776

  1. Shiloh says:

    No, the avodah is to sell what you can and get the heck out of America. Wake up people.

    • buffalomilk says:

      You’re not wrong.

    • CS says:

      Do you follow your own advice?

    • CS says:

      I live in Israel.

    • CS says:

      When will you make Aliyah?

      • Shiloh says:

        Don’t have to make aliyah, been there, done that. I won’t speak of when I am flying either. b’ezrat haShem it won’t be long though.

      • jewishendofdays says:

        HaShem shoulod help all of us get to E”Y asap!

      • Shiloh says:

        HaShem will help only if we listen to the hints and then act. Like putting house up on market, taking who He sends to buy it. Selling anything and everything one does not plan to take to Israel. When one set’s conditions like having a job before one makes aliyah, it will in almost every case fail.

        The hint’s are screaming at us, but sadly the majority won’t listen.

        Jewishendofdays, you have published many hints, taken a pilot trip to Israel (I made aliyah in 2003 so I am a returning oleh), are you going to act or wait? Hope to see you there.

      • jewishendofdays says:

        Please pray for me and my family. We need all the s’yata d’shmya we can get!

      • Shiloh says:

        Jewishendofdays, you need to do and trust (emunah). You don’t need me to pray for you.

      • jewishendofdays says:

        Its helps for folks to pray for each other, for sure.

    • vanessa says:

      What is the difference between Klipot that are all darkness and Klipah Nogah. From my understanding according to my Rav and Rabbi any Klipot/Klipah can not exist unless it has a 1% of good with in it, otherwise it would not exit. Just like falsehood can not exit unless it has a kernal of truth within it. Please explain.

      Much thanks,


      • jewishendofdays says:

        Good question. The short answer is that the dark klipot do not “contain” holiness within them so much as they “nurse” off of holiness for sustenance, whereas the Shining Husk actually contains sparks of holiness within it that must be elevated/redeemed.

        Hope this clarifies things a bit.

      • Vanessa says:

        Thanks so much for the answer, however, still a little confused. If the dark klipot do not have any good within it, where do they get their sustenance from? They would cease to exist, wouldn’t they? Nonetheless, from my understanding these klipot anyway are like obstructions to Hashem, meaning like how there is an obstruction in someone’s artery or an obstruction in someones’ plumbing.



  2. Tziki kedera says:

    R mendel kessin has a whole system about the good ,bad of esav, the erev rav .usa, russia, germany,iran etc. you know this?

    • jewishendofdays says:

      Haven’t heard. Would love a link.

      Thank you for reading!!!

    • Janet Clare says:

      I also thought of R” Kessein’s shiur when I read JEOD. They so complement each other for the most part. Esau = Edom = Rome He reports that Esau has 3 dominant evil characteristics:
      -“Gaiva”/Pride = “I am G-d” = atheism. The worst aspect of Esau. Who? Communist Russia. Most brutal to the Jews, so HaShem only allows it to exist 70 years.

      -Deception = Europe/Christianity, under Germany. “Turn the other cheek” meant for others, not them. They slaughtered millions of Jews throughout history through fraudulent/deceptive reasons.

      =”Taiva” = Greed, lust, materialism = America. Much kinder than ruthless Europe or brutal Russia.

      Also, at the end of the dominion of Esau, 2 things must happen: Evil Esau must fall, due to HaShem and not just bad luck/natural disasters. Prior to the fall, Esau has to admit to Jacob and the world that he was wrong, i.e.Israel rightfully belongs to Jacob (“You are Israel”).

  3. Akiva says:

    Thank you for this very interesting post. I had forgotten that American independence day was sheva asar b’tamuz.

    Can you tell us where in Chazal that it is brought that “Yaakov was asking G-d to save him from 1) Esav when he acts like Esav, i.e., like a murderous oppressor; and 2) from Esav when he acts like a “brother”, with kindness.”?

    I would like to learn this Chazal, perhaps in more depth.

    Kol tuv,


    • jewishendofdays says:

      Not sure its a chazal or a later perush. Don’t remember the source. If I come across it, I’ll post.

      Thank you for reading. I super appreciate it!

  4. Tziki kedera says:

    Try google where are you…he is quite famous in ny and jerusalem…

  5. ron says:

    Thank you, I tend to be an angry and fearful person. And when I see Jews supporting Esav, in love with Esav, and in general just utterly clueless, my initial desire is to be hateful and angry.

    But what you wrote just showed me how utterly wrong I have been in such an approach.

    It is my job to love my spiritual starved brothers to life.

  6. shloime says:

    the main content of this article is not true(necesarilly). at the end of days is written that yidden are going to be in a malchus shel chesed(kingdom of kindness)and aisov and the rest of the nations are going to be transformed and refined,although not 100% until the beis hamikdosh is built. Not only that USA never killed us ,or tortured,etc LIKE EVERY OTHER NATION IN HISTORY, but even more so, they help us to keep torah and mitzvos: do you know how many yeshivos ,schools,jewish programs,etc, are being helped by the goverment?

    • jewishendofdays says:

      It is a maclut shel chessed because one half of Ruel is the name El which is the name of HaShem connected with chesed.

      But one can’t igore the Ra in his name.

      Remember, the point of the article is that the Jews are being


      to death via assimiltation, physical and/or spiritual.

      Appreciate your comment and thoughts.

  7. Truth Be Told says:

    We Jews need to be more intellectually honest here. Lets not blame Esav for problems caused by our own misdeeds.

    The primary cause of the assimilation of American Jews is NOT Esav’s “love”. Rather the assimilation is a result of American Jews throwing off the restrictions of the Torah and embracing liberalism as a substitute religion. This is especially true of the American Jewish leadership.

    Non-Jews did not force this liberalism upon the Jews. The Jews embraced it of their own free will, despite its disastrous effects on the Jews and on America in general.

    • jewishendofdays says:

      No question, ultimate responsibiliy lies with the Jewish people here. But our being like deer caught in the “headlights of Esav’s love” after 2000 years of his murderous oppression is surely a seriously mitigating factor in our favor.

      Great comment! Thank you.

      • Shiloh says:

        I agree with Jewishendofdays (would be nice to use your first name atleast, like the freakin gov’t does not know your IP address, and unless you have a very rare name, people won’t know who you are, look at my name, I don’t hide behind some alias and it’s not that common).

  8. ron says:

    there is something deeply sad about all this.

    Have we forgotten who Esau was supposed to be?

    He was our older brother. Our ancestor Yaakov never wanted to leave his tent and his studies. The last thing he wanted was to “be a man of the field”.

    But because he simply could not handle “the field” he fell and fell hard. The truth is, that if he could have managed things would have been much different.

    I noticed that three of the sons of Leah had aspects of either Malchut or Kehuna. Reuven, Levi and Yehuda. As we know, Leah was originally supposed to be married to Esau.

    Can you imagine what sort of a world this would be if Esau had managed to overcome his own challenges? We know that he murdered Nimrod. Can any of comprehend what sort of a hero this man was? Nimrod was Hitler/Stalin/Caesar all rolled into one. The first tyrant to defy Hashem and suppress man. Esau killed him without an army. Singlehandedly.

    And that was the problem right there. He decided he could do it “all on his own”. At first this probably meant “without Yaakov” but in truth it really meant “without Hashem”. Because that was Yaakov’s task, to bring the light of Hashem into this world.

    Imagine, if instead of running around “saving the planet” he decided to elevate his brother Yaakov to Da’as Torah. That is, if he decided “OK, I will work in the field, but I will not make a move unless my holy brother who studies the word of Hashem agrees with me on it!”

    My God, what this world should have been!

    Can you imagine if he had done that, if the two brothers together went to Lavan. What a story that would have been! Lavan would have been quaking in his boots at the sight of those two brothers! Ishmael would have made peace in a heartbeat!

    Our mother Leah would never have had to shed a single tear.

    Imagine what sort of nation we would have had!

    It’s enough to make a grown man cry. This was a tragedy!

    • jewishendofdays says:

      Agreed. Thanks for your insightful comment.

      • Shiloh says:

        Tzadik, if you get a chance, listen to rabbi Amnon Yitzchak. He is a sephardic kabbalist who has some very interesting things to say about current events and the dangers you will be facing very soon if you don’t react now. I hope you will seriously think about it and be able to post your blog from your home in Israel.

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